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I am graduating nursing school in Decemeber. I submitted a declaratory form with all supporting documents of dismissal and paid to register for the NCLEX...then I received a letter a few days later... Read More

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    I will let you know.. I was told it will done by end of next week.. I am continuing to pray..Hope as is well with others..

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    I have no clue who my investigator is.... I called them this past Monday, and my file is STILL pending. May 3 marks exactly 6 months for me as well. I'm curious to see if I am approved, how long it will take to get my ATT. I can NOT imagine waiting an entire year for this. MSTXnurse, please keep us posted! I will do the same.
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    Hey fellow long suffering people ...just thought I would check in. Everyday it can be a struggle to not just obsess over this! I feel like calling all the time but I know it won't help! Just trying to be accepting that I can do nothing about this wait time...I really hope that I can even remember enough material to pass the NCLEX! I have kept you both in my prayers, as I feel that we all need as many as possible. Hope ya'll are doing well.
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    You are absolutely correct about hard not to obsess over it but it is gut wrenching and you can not do anything about it..I am pass my window but I am remaining optomissitic..I have not received a yes or no as of this moment..so I believe that the wait is for the greater good..I know who my investigator is as I was trasnferred to voicemail but I am not sure of they really return calls..hope all is well
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    I feel your pain! I just want to know my fate. Will I be cleared? Will I have stipulations? The good news is we should be pretty close to finding something out. I called them again yesterday, and I was told to call around May 3rd, since that is my 6 months. At that point they will be able to give me some kind of news (hopefully). I have been trying to keep up with NCLEX questions and study guides. All of the information from nursing school is hard to retain when you aren't using it. Prayers are greatly appreciated, and I will keep you in mine as well =]
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    Spoke with investigator today and all is clear and so hopefully receive something in mail in 4 to 6 weeks and she will try to get it into second phase much sooner, so I am happy..happy..It is a bug burden lifted and hope all is well for you all..
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    Dear MSTXnurse....YAY!!!!! I am very happy for you, thanks for replying and letting us know how it went. Do you know if the second phase is the 4-6 weeks? SO HAPPY TO HEAR THE NEWS!
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    4 to 6 weeks is second phase, investigator said she may get out sooner. I just want a number on TBON website.
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    YAYYYY! Thats great news!
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    Hey Kann23...now that our friend has been cleared, have you heard anything back?

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