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I am graduating nursing school in Decemeber. I submitted a declaratory form with all supporting documents of dismissal and paid to register for the NCLEX...then I received a letter a few days later from the TX BON. It stated that... Read More

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    Have a juvenile felony auto theft and adult misd. poss of marijuana charge on my history... lied to BON about criminal history... waited 8 months to be able to take nclex... then failed on 1st attempt... passed on 2nd and got a job a month later... had to pay a $250 fine for lying about my criminal history and take a jurisprudence/ethics course... so their is hope for people who have made mistakes in their past... be patient keep studying and things will work out.

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    Well my forth month in enforcement is coming up on May 15...hopefully when I call in they will have good news for me.
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    My case was approved with no stipulations!!!

    I had five juvenile misdemeanor convictions from petty theft to burglary of motor vehicle.

    Long process. I sent in declaratory order in October 2012, case didn't get moved into enforcement until December.
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    May I ask what your charges were? I have misdemeanor DUI and misdemeanor aggravated battery...self defense in case they look into it. I'm debating on waiting a couple months on a possible expungment of the agg batt or to go ahead and send in all of my court documents which are sitting in an envelope ready to go.
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    It seems I am on the right page to express my fears and frustration. I called the TBON before applying and explained that I had three arrests. One was possession of an illegal weapon (nunchaku) which I received a deferred; illegal carrying of a weapon which was dropped bacause it turns out the weapon wasn't illegally carried, and sexual assault which I was found Not Guilty and released (****** of ex gf... you can pretty much figure out what happened). I have been a science and special education teacher for 7 years, I have a masters and have TEA licensure. They said that since I was licensed by the state to teach children, it is unlikely it would be a problem with the BON. I sent in my paperwork as requested and with 6 weeks til class starts I get that letter everyone else dreaded... ENFORCEMENT DEPARTMENT!?!?! Now I'm reading on this that there is 4-6 months of waiting. I resigned my position as a teacher (not a job I can just keep working and stand araound while waiting on them to make up their minds... (contract periods for the school year) and am in a huge bind now because of this. Now What?
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    My offenses were 12 and 14 years ago... 2 of three dropped and the third a deferred adjudicate for a pair of freaking nunchaku. I am a licensed teacher in Texas with 7 years (so I am trusted with the wellbeing of children)... and I am being investigated. I hope my news it good but the simple fact it takes so long I think means I cannot go to school.
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    LibertyTX, I was reading your reply and pretty much have the same issue. I was transferred to the Enforcement department for two charges that was dismissed. One was a Felony Criminal Mischief that was dismissed due to the prosecutions lack of evidence, plus I didn't do anything... Then there was a Theft by Check, which I paid and it was dismissed as well. I saw where you stated that you sent them another assertive letter pleading your case! What did you say to them? What do you mean by assertive?! Help! I need a quick response like yourself. I graduate in six weeks and I am ready to work as a nurse!!!
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    So, I graduated in May. When I sent in my paper application I disclosed a charge of criminal trespassing that was dismissed, along with all court documents. Since on the BON website it stated that I didn't have to disclose traffic violations, I did not disclose that a little over a year ago I was arrested for failure to appear during a traffic stop on a ticket for expired registration. All charges, including the failure to appear we're dismissed. I honestly didn't even know the ticket was outstanding since my ex-husband said he took care of it when it happened. Well, I got a letter stating that I needed to submit a Decleratory Order bc it came up on my background check. I did that and of course was told it can take 45 days. I explained in my letter that I didn't disclose it bc I didn't know that I needed to and thoroughly explained the situation. Now, I landed a dream internship that starts in October. My questions are: 1. Has anyone had it take less than 45 days to get an answer? 2. How likely is it that I will be sent through the enforcement process? 3. Does anyone think there is any hope of me being able to start a job in October? Any help/advice would be greatly appreciated!
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    I only posted earlier today, but I wanted to give an update...I got my ATT!!! My file had only been in the operations dept for review of my declaratory order since last Monday! I called yesterday and there were no updates, but this evening I got my ATT! I'm so relieved! I just wanted to let people know that for some the process can go quickly.
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    Although I am sorry that you are all going through this, or had to go through this, I am so glad I found others that have suffered this helpless battle. I graduated in May 2013...It is now beginning of month 5. I had a DWI 5 years ago and then one month before graduation t his year I was pulled over and got charged for DWI 1st offense again. I am currently going through probation and I have not consumed alcohol since. I know this is all from my own doing, and I take responsibility for it, but I also know my passion and my whole life is nursing. I'm so lost and hurt every day wondering where my life will go from here. My mind hurts from thinking so much. I sent off my $150 and still can't get a confirmation for received payment. I am only hoping that my actions now and making better choices will come around. I know we all make mistakes, and I made two of the same ones, but I know from that day forward it would never be a question of what is more important.
    It makes me feel more at ease to know that I am not the only one. I hope soon I hear something...just something. In the mean time I am freaking out about losing my clinical skills and all my knowledge I worked so hard for. I graduated top of the class and yet, none of that matters anymore.

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