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I am graduating nursing school in Decemeber. I submitted a declaratory form with all supporting documents of dismissal and paid to register for the NCLEX...then I received a letter a few days later from the TX BON. It stated that... Read More

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    Oh I REALLY hope you or someone will PLEASE answer me... I know this is kind of an older thread, but I am flipping out right now, and worried about my entire career being flushed down the toilet by the Texas state board of Nursing

    I have had a license in AZ for almost ten years- Then I got a temporary TX license until I was in a bad car accident and did not work for a few years... So last summer, I submitted my application for renewal after it had lapsed for a year or so...

    They sent me a letter stating that my FBI background check came back with something that they needed to investigate. I couldn't understand why, because the last time I had a run-in with the law, it was even before I had entered NURSING SCHOOL!! It was an arrest for an un-paid traffic ticket!! So they asked me to get the court documents for that incident, and I got them (from Arizona, and they didn't even have the records because it was over ten years ago- it was purged long ago...)

    I figured that was all it would take, since it was so long ago, and was dismissed and gone, but I just received a letter saying that they were unable to approve my application, and my file is being transferred to the Enforcement Dept and it will take at least FOUR MONTHS! Not only am I upset about being out of work for another four months, but I am also worried as to why they have to go through this whole other process!? Over a traffic ticket from ten years ago thats been purged and gone for years? And I held a license in AZ for ten years with NO QUESTION about this incident!!! So I'm worried, are they going to deny me my license? Will I have to find a whole new career now? Forget about nursing, and all of the hard work and schooling I went through to get to become a nurse? Or is this standard? I am worried sick. I don't think I will be able to sleep tonight. If anyone can reply, and HOPEFULLY help to put my mind at ease, I would SOOOO appreciate it.... Please help!! Thank YOU!!!

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    I am HOPING that someone who has experience with the issues in this thread (Enforcement Dept) can PLEASE help me by sharing their experience with it- I just received my letter from TBON stating they were sending my case to Enforcement Dept, and I am so freaked out...

    I had a misdemeanor over TEN YEARS AGO for failure to appear for a TRAFFIC TICKET, and it was BEFORE I even ENTERED nursing school! I am a little shocked that they put people through ALL of this just for things such as this... When I obtained the court documents from AZ (where I was previously licensed for the last ten years with NO ISSUES OR QUESTIONS about this silly FTA thing) the court said it was so old, they had been purged and were no longer available, but the TBON still wants to send my case to enforcement.... Is this normal? Should I be concerned about never being able to work as a nurse again?? I have no idea what to do... I am really worried... if someone could please help with a reply, I would really appreciate it!!
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    Has anyone been sent to enforcement with just having MIPs on their record from 5 years back or more? I havent had a ticket since I was a minor and am wondering how long the process usually takes for just MIPs.
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    I have not had the experience of your situation...yet. But I will tell you that the BON will investigate and will probably approve you but it will take time. Worst that could happen is that you have to go get an evaluation done by a board approved doctor. I had to do that (cost $500). Im sure you will do fine, It just takes a while to get your license the Board is slow, don't hesitate to call them, If you look in the contact section go to Directory section you will find the number to the enforcement Department and the call goes through right away. I called them every week until I was cleared. They do get mad but its not there license its yours. I am endorsed in Texas and had to wait 6 months after graduating to take my Nclex. Now I moved to another state and Im afraid that I will have to wait the same amount of time. Because the process starts all over. If I were you I would apply at Federal Facilities, you don't need to be licensed in the same state to get a license the license in Arizona will work (usajobs.gov). Good luck to you
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    It goes all the way back since you had a problem. Report anything and everything except speeding tickets. If not they might get you for withholding information. One of my classmates did that and had to wait 7 months after graduation to take her NCLEX
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    I called the BON yesterday and was told that recommendations were sent to the Director on the 4th of March. I was also told this could take 4-6 weeks to receive a signature. I am a wreck, I'm scared, cannot sleep, don't know if the recommendations are to deny me my license or what. But I need to draw myself together :-( but it is so hard, I have been waiting since August of last year just to know if I will get my license or not. So depressed, just want to put a bag over my head and sleep.
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    Quote from Huckleberry33
    I really really appreciate your reply! I have been on the edge of my seat just seeing if anyone would reply and let me know their experience. Can you tell me if they notified you of the decision by email or by regular mail? Or did you have to call in? Also do you feel that calling to check in helps or not? Again I really appreciate your response.... THANKS!

    at this point calling of little benefit, they notify by snail mail :
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    My case went into enforcement on Jan. 15th. No update yet from TBON, but hopefully soon.

    I had a few charges for theft under $50 as a juvenile. No criminal records as an adult. And I just got my juvenile records sealed 2 months ago.
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    Anyone understand this phase... I called the board of nursing today and was told my recommendation was sent to the Director to make her recommendations then it is sent to the legal department so they can make their recommendations and after that they will send the information back to the investigator and she will type up the recommendation and send me the info. My question is when do I start calculating the 4-6 weeks, is it from the time the recommendation was sent to the director or after they make a decision and whatever the agreed order is if they don't deny me? Does anyone know if the board even make decisions on pending cases, I am still not convicted of this charge, the case is still pending... Also if they are going to deny me, wouldn't they send me a letter already letting me know I'm denied or denial still go through all the processes?

    I'm sorry I have so much questions, just confused and depressed. If someone could please reply to me, I will greatly appreciate it. I'm new to Texas and I don't know anyone, it would really help to talk to someone regarding this. So depressed. Took me 10 years to earn my RN degree and now I can't touch it. My six months is May 27th..

    Please someone reply to my questions if you have any idea what is going on... Thanks so much.
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    Can some on please help me. After doing my declatory order for the Texas BON i recieved a letter stating I'm eligible to take the NCLEX. In the letter it also states " NINETY TO ONE HUNDREDTWENTY DAYS PRIOR TO GRADUATION YOU WILL NEED TO SUBMIT THE PAPER VERISON OF THE NCLEX-RN EXAMINATION APPLICATION, DECLARE YOUR ELIGIBILITY ISSUE, ATTACH A COPY OF THIS LETTER AND THE APPROPRIATE FEE." I understand everything except DECLARE YOR ELIGIBILITY ISSUSE. What does that mean? The letter I'm attaching just says that upon meeting the reQuirements of graduation and payment of any required fees, I'm eligible to take the NCLEX. PLEASE HELP

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