1. 0 Has anyone found a job after recieving a DUI/ PROBATION ? Do you know any Hospital's that will hire, RN/CA.
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    In my state the usually just pull your license. Hopefully in CA they are not that strict.
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    I moved your post to the Nursing Licensure with a Criminal History forum to encourage responses. The Legal Nursing forum is actually for the Legal Nursing specialty. Good luck!
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    Thank you everyone for your comments, Pray for me to find a job.
    One thing I can tell you is DO NOT DRINK AND DRIVE IF YOU ARE A NURSE AND WANT TO STILL WORK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Thanks, What state do you live in ?
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    I have a girlfriend found UTI on the job. She completed the CA diversion program but was barred from having a job with access to medications. That girl went back to school and got her NP. Now practicing without problem.