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  1. BlueLightRN

    Disrespectful medical assistants

    How do you manage disrespect from medical assistants who are older than you or have more tenure at a place than you do? As in, ignoring you when you speak to them, arguing anytime you ask them to do something, or practicing as if they were a nurse despite obvious lack of knowledge and professionalism. Also, doing inappropriate things at work that waste time and aren't work related. I'm supposed to supervise them, not the other way around and I'm tired of the attitude. I can't discipline someone without backup from my manager but the MA acts like I accosted her just asking her to please room patients or call a patient and schedule an appointment or something.
  2. BlueLightRN

    Online FNP programs

    Hi all- I graduated Saturday with my BSN and have been a nurse for about 4 years now, working a couple of different jobs. I am now looking into going to graduate school to be an NP and was wondering if any of you have any advice or recommendations for online NP programs, likely a FNP program. I work 60+ hours a week so I prefer online but now that I have a BSN I may have a shot at a job in a hospital that pays about the same but is only 36 or so hours a week *crossing fingers because no hospital will even look at an ADN here* I live in Ohio and would have to save up some money to go to grad school but I am not sure what programs are good or not. Thanks in advance for any help!
  3. BlueLightRN

    As a single nurse were you able to buy a home?

    Where I live the apartment market rent is about as high as the mortgage on my husband and I's house. I could afford a house alone but it wouldn't be as nice or in as good a neighborhood, or I could live in a cheaper (aka more in a bad neighborhood) apartment alone too. Together we have a decent income for this area so we have a nice house.
  4. BlueLightRN

    ADN to BSN?

    I did an ASN program so I could work in the field to afford a BSN program. As an ADN I got zero respect and had to work the worst jobs. No one wanted to hire an ADN in a hospital and I was treated badly. I just completed my BSN and hope to get a better job soon. I don't regret getting the ADN because I could not afford the BSN and didn't want loans, but I would not stop at ADN. BSN teaches you nothing about how to be a better nurse, it is just more academia, but it is required in today's nursing society to get decent jobs or be respected by employers or coworkers I feel.
  5. BlueLightRN

    accidental violation?

    You didn't search in it to get information, and yes, it is technically a HIPAA violation but they will be able to tell you were only in the chart 2 seconds and you weren't being malicious and I doubt you'll get in trouble. You are human and electronic charting causes those mishaps, I mean who doesn't accidentally type a number or name slightly wrong once in a while? HIPAA is for protection of privacy which you weren't purposely trying to invade.
  6. BlueLightRN

    EDEC 1600

    anyone taken this? What book is required? How is it?
  7. BlueLightRN

    Safe / practical nurse to patient ratio (SNF)

    In LTC it depends on the patient specifically. I could have maybe a max of 20 if they were walky-talky, non-fall risks, etc. If they're needy or have machines or are a fall risk, have to be toileted by staff, max of 10. When I worked LTC though they stuck us with 50 and all were almost fulls. It was hell.
  8. BlueLightRN

    College kid stuck in Limbo!

    Health care admin will teach you how to budget a unit AKA cut and understaff nurses. Nursing will teach you to actually care for people.
  9. BlueLightRN

    Does your office/clinic allow walk-ins to see the nurse?

    That's so true and very good advice. Thank you!
  10. BlueLightRN

    Does your office/clinic allow walk-ins to see the nurse?

    LOL well I guess you're right haha
  11. BlueLightRN

    Does your office/clinic allow walk-ins to see the nurse?

    Unfortunately I think my manager is on the way out too, none of the upper management is happy with her because she has no ability to crack down on bad behavior and lets crazy stuff happen with no discipline. :/
  12. BlueLightRN

    Entry level Master in Nursing

    Interesting. I've never heard that that kind of program even exists!
  13. BlueLightRN

    Nurse giving discontinue medications to other patients

    Is there someone that the oncoming nurse can call to get new meds immediately? If not, then the nurse who left the meds elsewhere needs to be trained or disciplined, it's not the other nurse's fault.
  14. BlueLightRN

    Does your office/clinic allow walk-ins to see the nurse?

    If the patient comes up to the front desk and says "I have a question" or "My medicine" or "I was wondering" the lazy useless secretary automatically says, oh, hold on, you have to talk to the nurse about that" and calls me. I'm like, well who is it? so I can look at the chart and see if there are any notes. She's like "I don't know, just come see" or what do they need? "I dunno, something about medicine or they have a question." It's so pitiful how lazy she is. Doesn't want to be bothered.
  15. BlueLightRN

    Does your office/clinic allow walk-ins to see the nurse?

    I know the office charges for INR fingersticks because of the supplies, same for DM fingersticks or for pregnancy tests or NSTs. They charge for supplies and the service, but not for the nurse's time. However, 99.9999999% of our patients have no insurance or medicaid though so really it's all free.
  16. BlueLightRN

    Does your office/clinic allow walk-ins to see the nurse?

    It is a toxic workplace and I am trying to get out. Only RN, least senior employee though, every other nurse is an LPN there and they treat me like I am an idiot yet don't know why potassium is given with lasix...