Domestic violence record dismissed, will they deny employment?

  1. I am a brand new nurse got my license one month ago and got called for my very first job at a nudsing home. I went and did my bsckground check and im very worried they wont call me back for orientation due to a domestic battery charge 3 yrs ago. I never plead guilty or even went to court for it because my case was dismissed. Im so worried they wont call me back or deny me employment. I was so excited to be given the oppurtunity does anyone know if this will affect me?
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  3. by   Double-Helix
    See if your state has a way that you can do a background check on yourself. Some states have websites or programs that let you pull your own record to see what appears. If you can do that, they you'll know if the dismissed charges even show up on your background checks.

    Obviously, no one here can tell you for sure if the employer will hire you if they see these charges on your record. But if the charges were dismissed and it never went to trial, and you weren't arrested then I'd hasten to guess you'll be okay.
  4. by   TotallyAwwwesome
    As long as the Board of Nursing in your state issued you a license, you really shouldn't be concerned. Did you have problems receiving your RN license?
  5. by   mj731
    No i had no problem getting my license im just still freaking out. I.ll just have to wait n see though.
  6. by   sj20fame
    Omg, I'm so glad I was able to find this, I too have this on my record and I'm so ashamed, ashamed I tell you! I was 19 years old, and just angry at the world and angry at what my life was at that time, but I've done a complete change and this taught me a huge lesson. I'm now 25, been at my current job for 5 years, I'm an adult now, and I just wish I can go back and take this away... I have a feeling this will effect me in my future employement and schooling. As of now I'm not sure what will happen, as I'm preparing to take my Pax Test, and then Hope to enter nursing program this fall. MJ731 I wish you the best of luck, and hope that this won't be an issue.
  7. by   unemployed
    I have a domestic violence on my record. I passed boards in July and have been applying ever since. I have had one interview out of like 1000 jobs I applied for. Needless to say, no call back. I doubt I will ever get to be a nurse. Good luck to you people. I give up.
  8. by   jimmywgr33n
    Eventhough it was dismissed it will still show up on a background. Period. You dont need to admit to it in most questions as you did not plead guilty and the case was dismissed, but a line will come up in the background check saying you were changed and it was dismissed

    After 3 years you can have your record expunged, sealed, or vacated as long as nothing has happened since. Call a criminal defense lawyer in your area, its worth the investment. They can take that line off your background.

    Since the case was dismissed you were innocent so it shouldent even matter. Also, you wont be denied interviews for that. Companies dont run background checks untill after they say you were hired.
  9. by   CP2013
    Quote from TotallyAwwwesome
    As long as the Board of Nursing in your state issued you a license, you really shouldn't be concerned. Did you have problems receiving your RN license?
    From reading other threads...I don't agree with this thought. The BON may issue you a license, but no facility has to hire you. They have applicants without a record, they will pick no record over having a record. Regardless of whether or not BON looked past it and issued.

    To the OP: Be diligent. Apply any and everywhere until you get interviews. If nursing is your passion don't give up. The job market is tough but not impossible. Try, try again.
  10. by   Latashaaddison
    I have serval charges that have been drop; 2 agg battery,2 checks,theft, & I was convicted on drug possession but it wasIt all was 16 years ago I am applying for lpn school in Louisiana I have completed all my prerequisite just waiting on school to startI'm scare but I really want this. I been a phlebotomy for the state sentThen for three years & food service worker sent. I recently did my on back-Ground threw the state an only the show was agg battery (dismiss) theft dismissBut I now I have others arrest but they have been dismiss.i have call the Bon in my areaThey only saying they have to get ur application first. I want this so bad an I'm going allThe way but I don't want to be hurt. I'm in the process of expunging the drug charge from 16 years ago. Someone tell me some advice I getting all my record together even though they were dismiss. The only thing I really have on me is that drug charge from 1997
  11. by   grrn
    Typically you only have to disclose convictions. I would advise that you be upfront. Only give relevant details and you shouldnt have a problem. Some companies only ask if you have an unrestricted nursing license, or any felonies.
  12. by   Meriwhen
    Quote from TotallyAwwwesome
    As long as the Board of Nursing in your state issued you a license, you really shouldn't be concerned. Did you have problems receiving your RN license?
    Not necessarily true.

    Employers have the right to decide who they hire based on their own criteria: the fact that the BON issued a license to you doesn't mean that the employer has to automatically accept your criminal history. So yes, you can legally be denied a job based on your criminal record, even if you hold a valid nursing license.
  13. by   Latashaaddison
    I'm asking anyone that may have been threw the Bon in Louisiana. The school I'm going to attend asking for the arrest & conviction do I give the paper work to the school (arrests record/final disposition etc.)or do I send it straight to the board I really don't want the instructor to know,no more than I need them to. They tell me that the Bon need their paper work a month in advance. Ok I'm going to list the arrests : 1count agg battery/dismiss & expunged 1 count agg assault & agg battery dismiss have rejection letter. 2 count simple criminal damage less 100$ 1 dismiss the other dismiss after I paid fine,have letters 3 counts of worthless check writing all dismiss,last possession of crack happen in 1994 serve 5 years paper got letter an rights restored in the process of expunge. Now when someone look at that they gone say she is a criminal. I'm sacred any advice & just to say I'm not giving up on my dream & I have change sent an work with the state .
  14. by   slasher
    Latasha, I have a history myself so I understand how you feel. We have to get a few things straight to give you the best chance at succeeding and becoming a nurse. First, as I read your statements, I notice grammatical errors. I'm not the "grammar police" as they say on FB but I am not in your shoes at this time so this doesn't apply to me. I'm not insulting you; im trying to help you. Second, you mention the BON a few times as well as "The school I'm going to attend...". Are you just starting school? Does Louisiana law require you to send records the BON before you are finished with school? You said "They tell me...". Who is they, the school or BON? If you send the application/paperwork etc. to your school there are only a few people who will see the information: 1) whoever is in admissions (not the whole department just whoever uses the information for legitimate needs.) 2) the Dean of...whatever. The person who looks at criminal offenses and makes the final decision. 3) possibly the Dean's assistant. There may be an additional person here or there but your teachers aren't going to know anything. It's not something that the powers that be walk around discussing unless it's necessary. Every nursing school in the nation has "criminals" who apply and sometimes get accepted. Check Louisiana's BON website to see what the criteria is for someone with a criminal hx is who want an R.N. license. I talked to a paralegal a couple years back and she said there are 3 hoops to jump through: 1) getting accepted into school 2) getting the BON to allow you to take the NCLEX and 3) finding a job. #3 will be the biggest challenge.