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  1. The time has come for me to enroll, I'm so nerves, my record don't look good,I stated months ago I have serval dismiss charges & one conviction, I have read a lot of stories on here, I was just wondering, it was said tell only what they ask,I did my on background check an most of the charges dismiss didn't even come back, even tha conviction, didn't come back, should I tell everything even if it didn't show threw the state back ground check. What will u do?
  2. If you did ur on background check an the dismiss charges came up & the conviction didn't, do I still report the conviction. The background was through the state & it's on the arrest report but not on rap sheet . I don't want to tell no more than they ask for.
  3. I wanted to ask if u do a background check on yourself & only the dismiss charges come up An not the conviction do u still bring this up to the board. The background was done threw the Louisiana state police, but it's on my arrest report.another thing I have serval arrests report All dismiss except the conviction should I give them my list or just tell them what came up on the report.
  4. Good luck I wish u the best, I have Change my plans cause the school that I want to go to doesn't start until 2014,but there's one in aug this year I was going their I decided not to I just don't feel comfortable there, so I'm waiting. I do appreciate you talking with me. Ooh by the way im trying for LPN in Louisiana & I look them up so far it looks good.
  5. Do u have ur license yet
  6. What if u had dismiss charges like aggravated battery/ assault battery,Can anyone speak on that situation.
  7. I'm not in school yet, but I'm starting in August 2013 I'm just worried bout getting in school finishing & an the Bon say no I can't take the nclex. Then I would have been Wasting time & I really don't want to do that, but I do want This career very much. You mention you have a history, if u don't mind me asking what was ur problem an how did it turn out & what advice can u give me:)
  8. I'm asking anyone that may have been threw the Bon in Louisiana. The school I'm going to attend asking for the arrest & conviction do I give the paper work to the school (arrests record/final disposition etc.)or do I send it straight to the board I really don't want the instructor to know,no more than I need them to. They tell me that the Bon need their paper work a month in advance. Ok I'm going to list the arrests : 1count agg battery/dismiss & expunged 1 count agg assault & agg battery dismiss have rejection letter. 2 count simple criminal damage less 100$ 1 dismiss the other dismiss after I paid fine,have letters 3 counts of worthless check writing all dismiss,last possession of crack happen in 1994 serve 5 years paper got letter an rights restored in the process of expunge. Now when someone look at that they gone say she is a criminal. I'm sacred any advice & just to say I'm not giving up on my dream & I have change sent an work with the state .
  9. I have serval charges that have been drop; 2 agg battery,2 checks,theft, & I was convicted on drug possession but it wasIt all was 16 years ago I am applying for lpn school in Louisiana I have completed all my prerequisite just waiting on school to startI'm scare but I really want this. I been a phlebotomy for the state sentThen for three years & food service worker sent. I recently did my on back-Ground threw the state an only the show was agg battery (dismiss) theft dismissBut I now I have others arrest but they have been dismiss.i have call the Bon in my areaThey only saying they have to get ur application first. I want this so bad an I'm going allThe way but I don't want to be hurt. I'm in the process of expunging the drug charge from 16 years ago. Someone tell me some advice I getting all my record together even though they were dismiss. The only thing I really have on me is that drug charge from 1997

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