Discouraged with the Texas BON Enforcment process.....

  1. The process of the Texas BON and background checks is very lengthy. I understand why the BON feels the background checks are necessary, however it is my belief that the colleges should have their students apply for the same background check the BON is going to put you through. This way if there is an issue that should arise it can be dealt with prior to graduation. I myself graduated in December and now I have to wonder if I wasted four years of school only to hear"you do not meet the currant requirements due to a positive background check from 22 years ago". First of all it is not always possible that a person remembers everything that has ever happened in their life. So, it is possible that just because they didn't report it that it was not due to deception just a lack of recall. In the meantime it's hard to know if you should take a job till you hear from the BON or just keep studying hoping any day now you will get the approval to take your NCLEX-RN exam. Any words of wisdom are appreciated. Still waiting........
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    Appeal is built into almost every governmental bureaucracy. Ask to whom you should speak about this.
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    Quote from busielady
    it is my belief that the colleges should have their students apply for the same background check the BON is going to put you through. This way if there is an issue that should arise it can be dealt with prior to graduation.
    Amen! I was arrested and charged over 10 years ago and was never told by the schools of nursing that I would have to deal with this once I neared graduation/was preparing for the boards. Now my process is delayed by two months because my record is in "archives" and you know how long this red tape business takes ... Forever!

    Actually, I suggested to the dean of my school to warn students that if they have ever had an arrest/conviction, that they should deal with it STAT before it comes around to kick them in the butt--either during clearance time for clinicals or at the time of licensure.

    Best of luck to you, busielady. I feel your pain and frustration!
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    At my school, upon admission you're required to run a background check. I did get "arrested" (technically, I think? It was a confusing situation...) and fingerprinted and had a mug shot taken, but never went to court (never got charged, again, I think, confusing simes), so I got dinged. I wrote a Declaratory Order to the TX BON, they sent back a letter basically saying I was able to start attending school, and here I am, almost done with semester 2/4 for my BSN.

    Passing the criminal background check is a REQUIREMENT of the conditional admittance my school offers a person. They also stressed during orientation that should anything happen to you during school - arrested for a DUI during Thanksgiving break, for example - you should immediately go to an advisor to start working on correcting the issue IMMEDIATELY, as opposed to after graduation and learning you have to wait additional months/years just to sit for the NCLEX!

    Good luck on your journey, I hope everything works out for you!
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    Well, It looks as though I may be on the count down towards getting approved to take the NCLEX. I am on week four of six; that's how long The Texas BON says it will be before I will get a reply from them. It has been a long wait, but I have had plenty to keep me busy. Now just praying I have prepared well enough to pass the first time.
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    It was a long wait and I have shared this to hopefully helpsomeone else going through this challenge. I will take the NCLEX-RN on 6/14/2013 and pray fully put this behind me,but not without consequences. I must paya fine and take an ethics class. I wouldrecommend to anyone before applying to the Board of Nursing to run their ownfingerprint background check through some place like Morpho Trust if yourschool did not run your background check through the board of nursing beforeyour acceptance into the program. Youmay find yourself sitting at home wondering how you forgot something thathappened more than 20 years ago and has now come back to play havoc on yourgoals and dreams.
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    I just got my declaratory order back. It took about 2 months for a theft by check case
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    Was there a fee to file your initial order
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    When you all got orders, did they contact you by mail or did you check your status online to see if it was updated. I looked at my status today and it stated that I was submitted for permanent license. Don't rely know what that means, some more weeks of waiting or they are going to give me a license with no problem. My criminal history was dismissed and I sent in papers. I didn't know about the charges cause they were 12 years ago and never came up when I went to school or after so didn't think I had any.