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Hi, I finished nursing school and was denied to sit for nclex due to a recent misdemeanor conviction. I have a formal hearing with the BON coming up, and I am very confused as to what happens... Read More

  1. by   arcruz02
    Hello, I was trying to respond to you but I am not allowed to reply in private messages for some reason. I received a copy of the proposed decision from my court hearing in Feb and it said that it was only a copy and a decision is still being made on whether they are going to adopt the decision or not. We're me May now and I still havent heard back from them. I am hopeful they will adopt the decision, which basically is to approve me to take the NCLEX under conditions: If/when I pass my nclex i will be on probation for 2 years, have to get approval from the BON before accepting a job, and I can't work in certain places. I think those are the main conditions. I just received about a few weeks ago a letter from the BVNPT about my LVN license and they approved me to keep my license under conditions: 2 years probation, submit to 2x month urine testing, AA mtgs, quarterly reports, small fine, and attend a course substantially related to my case. If the BVNPT thankfully let me have this opportunity, then I remain hopeful the BRN will let me take my nclex. Gluck to both of us!
  2. by   RD6084
    nurse wannab you will be ok. They will not endorse anyone who is still on probation. After you pay resitution you will be able to reapply and get back on track.
  3. by   chelc13
    Hi nurse wannab and anyone else with a prior conviction or arrest they are getting over. I had an arrest from over 7 years ago and was granted permission to attend a private nursing school, and take the nclex. After I took the nclex and passed, i applied for licensure and was asked for more information because an FBI record was on file for me. I went through the necessary paperwork, went to a drug/alcohol class, and proved to the BON that I am a changed person and all I want is to be able to take care of people for the rest of my life. I was granted my RN BSN license after a few months. I just wanted to state that it is NOT impossible to get a license after stupid mistakes that you have made in the past. Unfourtantly people with a criminal past have it alot harder than other people, but it is NOT impossible to succeed in your nursing carreer with one. I encourage everyone with mistakes in ther pasts to NEVER give up on nursing. When it comes to thinking you may not have what it takes, or you forget what you know for the nclex, nursing is like riding a bike.
    Good luck to you, and if you really want to be a nurse, IT WILL HAPPEN!!!
  4. by   tralnurse4support
    Hi not sure if your still on this site but I would like to as a few questions because I am in the same boat. LVN on probation about to apply for my RN. I thought the LVN and RN board was two different boards so to have both license on probation seems a bit much. How long did this process take? I will post my events once I apply for licensure which will be June-aug 17 time frame. Hope to hear from you
  5. by   Guy in Babyland
    Unfortunately, the OP has not on the site since Aug 2013.
  6. by   kmpkmp123
    Hi nurse_wannab !

    What was the outcome of all of this? I am having difficulty getting my license and am curious as to how your situation panned out?
  7. by   Tdizzle
    Hi I have a similar case. Unfortunately, mine was not petty theft but a $4,000 welfare fraud aid collection that was committed in 5 years ago. My case was ultimately dismissed pursuant to 1230.4 and no felony or misdemeanor was accounted for. My court documents does state my arrest and my case.

    I hired a professional licensure lawyer to help me package everything up to apply to get my license. I have received 15+ letters of references from professional and personal people in my life, volunteered for two years at the hospital, volunteered at a homeless shelter (current), and received counseling. I am nervous what the BRN response will be. Has anyone been in the similar situation. Please help, very depressed and hopeless =(.
  8. by   Guy in Babyland
    Quote from kmpkmp123
    Hi nurse_wannab !

    What was the outcome of all of this? I am having difficulty getting my license and am curious as to how your situation panned out?
    Did you not read the post directly prior to yours??? She has not been on AN since 2013. She either decided not to come back here or she was unsuccessful and no longer sees the need to post on a nurses messageboard.