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Defaulted student loans

  1. 0 Can you obtain a license as an RN if you have a defaulted student loan? And does it matter if it's a private loan or a federal loan that's defaulted?

    Does it matter if it's a loan you took out for a prior degree vs. a loan you took out while pursuing your education as a nurse? Can anyone direct me to a source of information where I can obtain answers to these questions?
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    defaulting on federal student loans often places you on govrnments sanction check list which prohibits hiring by healthcare facility accepting medicare + medicaid payments.

    see info here to check if your name on list: oig exclusions list + affect on nurses ability work
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    #2 0, start there. I here that they will be preventing professional license renewals (for any occupation) for defaulted federal loans.
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    I don't know if you will be able to get a license, but I know in my state, they have become very strict on people who default. Everyday I have read about nurses getting their licenses revoked for default. I don't think it matters what degree you took out the loan for, but you should call the BON in your state and ask.
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    At the top of this list of posts it refers to OIG exclusion list- check there to see if your name is on it for inability to work in a gov't sponsored facility, for student loan default. Very infomative, I was unaware of this site.