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ok, here is my situation... I was a RN student at my local college and had to withdraw because of family issues. I did amazing while attending that school, but I am now trying to get into a RN... Read More

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    Save some money for a good lawyer! Makes things move alot faster and more positive for you.
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    If you decide that the risk is worth it, and yes it is a risk because regardless of what the BON tells you they will not decide anything until after you graduate, then you need to hire a lawyer. I did. My "charges" (they don't show on a background check) were from five years ago when I was a juvenile and I am being held up. Professors told me that I would probably be okay and that I shouldn't hire a lawyer unless my license got denied, but I knew better as I had done my research.

    I hired a lawyer in December, graduated in May, my class mates received their ATT's in July and I still have not heard a word from the BON. It is hard knowing that you went to school for three years, excelled (because I did), yet still may not be granted a license. I knew I was taking a chance but decided to pursue this route anyways because becoming a nurse is what I really want, but you also have to be prepared that they can deny you. And they can deny you, especially with it being a current misdemeanor; they are not necessarily looking at what the charge is, but are going to be looking at the fact that you had a break in morals close to the time when you feel that you can commit to care for the ill and vulnerable.

    Regardless of what anyone tells you, hire a lawyer and understand that after going through with school that you may be denied licensure or be placed on stipulations. Do the best that you can in school; put in effort to do so well that you stand out- this will get you reference letters and possibly awards-these things will put some positive light on you when you apply for licensure. I was an amazing student who graduated valedictorian of the nursing class and received an award for it, I had amazing references from all of my professors, the BON (at the start of nursing school) and my nursing professors told me that I should be alright- but I know better and know that I can be denied. Are you willing to take that chance?
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    Absolutely!!!!! You can sit for your state boards and get a job once you have obtained your nursing license. If you have any questions or concerns you should ask a representative of your state nursing board. In SC you must submit a written explanation of your arrests and convictions. I had several. I also was offered employment by the first facility in which I interviewed. This organization was my first choice as well. So I didn't settle for anything because I had misdemeanor offenses. Keep two things in mind: you have a professional license that is in high demand and if they didn't hire nurses with minor charges on their records there would be relatively few nurses.
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    Contact your BON and explain your situation. Ask for any information in writing. Good luck!
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    Yes you can. I am in Michigan. I turned my life around, but my past is ... 11 misdemeanor convictions, some theft, some drug offenses. I am currently licensed. They are from over 7 years ago, and I can attest to the fact that in Michigan you can get licensed. God bless.
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