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  1. Graduated bsn October 2014. Passed nclex November 4 2014. Accepted job November 18, turned down in lieu of icu position November 24. Had 8 interviews in 2 week span. I'm in Michigan
  2. chrisbauerwrat

    Powerchart Problems

    Yes PowerChart is a mess. My hospital uses it too. Orders are in more than one location, there is the option to chart by clicking off tasks or actually putting in the details in ad hoc, cant figure out the actual protocol. On top, we paper chart in my ICU, for flow sheet, so triple charting in many instances. Epic is far superior.
  3. chrisbauerwrat

    PLEASE stop stressing the nclex... just stop

    Not gonna lie. Nclex is not hard. Shut off at 75 and knew I passed. Shoot I knew I passed before I took the test.
  4. No probationary, regular license. For theft convictions in Michigan you don't have to disclose any theft conviction unless it is punishable up to 2 years incarceration. If your theft are minor misdemeanors and are over 5 years old then there won't be any questions for licensure.
  5. I went threw this. First, in Michigan the license app now reads have you been convicted of misdemeanor with punishment of two years incarceration possible, your answer is no. Have you been convicted of drug related offenses. Your answer is no. So you can check no on these boxes. I had more convictions than you, none expunged and mi BoN didn't bat an eye. The only issue will be employment as facilities have different standards. I had to write a letter of explanation for my job, and I had to wait for a response but was fine.
  6. chrisbauerwrat

    2 previous theft convictions- Am I doomed?

    I am in MI. I just received my license. I have turned my life around but past is... 8 convictions of retail fraud one of which was 2nd degree, one possession charge marijuana, one paraphernalia charge, two driving on suspended license. These were from over 7 years ago. In MI it is all based on time since conviction. 3rd degree retail fraud is a 3 year mandatory denial. 3 years since the date of conviction. So, you are totally fine. Good Luck, Any questions just ask.
  7. chrisbauerwrat

    can I become a RN with a misdemeanor charge?

    Yes you can. I am in Michigan. I turned my life around, but my past is ... 11 misdemeanor convictions, some theft, some drug offenses. I am currently licensed. They are from over 7 years ago, and I can attest to the fact that in Michigan you can get licensed. God bless.
  8. HI First of all I am in Michigan. I had an extensive misdemeanor background. What shows up on my background check, which isn't everything is, 8 retail fraud convictions, latest of which was 7 years ago, 2 driving on suspended license, disorderly person(possession of marijuana), and a paraphernalia charge. These are all clustered together, due to a rough spell with alcoholism. I have been granted my Michigan license. Michigan is pretty cut and dry. They base everything on time frame. If misdemeanor theft convictions are 5 years or older then they don't automatically deny you, same with misdemeanor drug offenses. Abuse, or felonies are another story. If you have any questions I can answer for Michigan, just ask.
  9. chrisbauerwrat

    Nclex should be harder

    True it's a minimal competency exam. Just seems like it's very minimal. Have seen too many cases in which mistakes and errors were made by lack of knowledge. I think we should up the competency.
  10. chrisbauerwrat

    Nclex should be harder

    Personally I think the NCLEX should be harder. Took it Friday, passed with 75 q. Graduated 3 weeks ago, studied some over that time maybe an hour a day. The biggest thing I remember from taking the NCLEX and most nursing exams actually is the feeling that really, you really want me to know THIS stuff. Seems like the questions are just way too vague, and basic.
  11. chrisbauerwrat

    Henry Ford Hospital?

    Epic is an emr. Only been using it a year. If you like trauma and intense patients then DRH and HFH are the two. Beaumont is level 1 also but more suburban. They don't call the ED at DRH the gun and knife show for nothing. One of the best trauma hospitals in the country and one of the best burn units. Get a lot of cases that get shipped in from other facilities. Both are highly Medicaid funded. Sounds like you would really enjoy working at HFH or DRH. Both are great places to learn.
  12. chrisbauerwrat

    Epic vs Cerner EMR

    Like them both. Have used 2 versions of epic and Cerner. In some ways epic can have too much potential information, leading to info overload without regard for prioritizing information. Maybe it was hospital but epic was super glitchy at times, lost meds, orders etc. One time my profile completely changed to pharmacy from nursing out of the blue. That was annoying.
  13. chrisbauerwrat

    Henry Ford Hospital?

    There are a ton of Canadian nurses working at HFH Main. Literally 30%. Yes they have an adn to bsn. They paid for university of Detroit mercy's adn to bsn program. Michigan license is really easy to get and quick this time of year. Not a compact state. HFH is level 1/ transplant/ teaching hospital. Absolutely top notch. Very nursing friendly. Went live with EPIC a year ago. Not a ton of jobs but enough. HFH Wyandotte is another possibility if coming from Canada. Not as exciting, they ship all serious patients to Main.
  14. chrisbauerwrat

    university of detroit mercy second degree program

    I am a Fall 2013 cohort student for the SDO. If anybody wants information privately, let me know. There are some things that you REALLY need to know. First, I am not sure if you all are aware that they accidentally admitted 25 too many people to the program for the January start. Those 25 people were actually supposed to be admitted for the May start. So before anybody quits their jobs, moves, etc. does the things that the rest of us did, make sure you are admitted! Did you notice at your orientation how crowded the room was? There is a good chance that the chairperson may not be in that position when you start. They expected 40 and 65 showed up to orientation. 40 is the number they try to limit the cohorts to. Secondly, there has been discrepancies with the number of credits we will be taking and whether financial aid will be available for the last 7 week term. We still do not have an answer. They have rearranged some things with the class layout, adding the last 7 weeks, etc. and they do not have the bugs worked out yet. I do not know yet how this will effect me, you should be concerned as well. chrisbauerwrat@hotmail.com
  15. chrisbauerwrat

    Detroit Mercy SDO

    I am accepted into the fall 2013 start. My undergrad GPA was 3.6 my prereq was 3.85. I think your stats are fine, they really seem to look at a lot more than GPA. Chris