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Background check advise

  1. 0 I really don't want to waste my time on a three year waiting list if I wont pass a background check. 5 years ago I was charged for pos of marijuana and DUI but I was NOT convicted of pos of marijuana only the DUI. Will this affect my chances of getting in? I have worked so hard and not sure who to ask about this. Thank you
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    Moving to Nursing Licensure with Criminal History forum.
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    Probably depends on state and facility. You could contact your BON for more info.

    I had a discussion with a colleague about this a few months ago. The company I work for also has a training facility for CNA/MA/PCT/phlebotomy. We conduct background checks before allowing them to enroll. My understanding is that the only thing that will bar you from enrolling is violent or drug related felony. I think possibly financial stuff like fraud or theft might affect, but again, think its only at the felony level. We had a student during the time this conversation occurred who we let sign up even if she did have a negative criminal background. The issue will arise for her when it comes time to find work. Because we might allow this for the training center, but a potential employer might have more issues with it.

    It's a risk to take I guess. You say your conviction was 5 years ago...Depending on the program you enroll in, 3-4 years...That puts you almost at the 10 year mark after the DUI. You might be able to get a pardon or something to remove that from your record by then. I guess you could get a consultation with a lawyer on top of speaking to BON for your state.

    Best of luck!
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    Just from my own experience with a 15 year old DUI on my record and a possession of stolen goods charge (9 years ago) that was dropped, I was able to still get into a top ten nursing school in the country for a direct-entry masters program. I was honest on my application and it came up in my interview, however, I was still accepted. I paid for a background check on myself and neither of those charges came up. This is not fact for all schools, but I have heard they are usually concerned with up to 5 years back. I would def. not lie on your application because they will find out. I think our biggest hurdle will come with the BON. What state do you live in b/c all states follow a different protocol. Best of luck.