Anyone in Florida who made it through clinicals?

  1. I have a criminal history and I just spoke to the Complience Officer of Health Sciences at my school. She informed me that it is up to the clinical sites to clear me in order for me to continue in the nursing program, once accepted. I'm a bit discouraged now because the clinical sites are hospitals/clinics. I now need to plan to apply to more nursing schools, instead of just applying to my current school. Are there any nursing students/nurses currently in nursing school or completed nursing school in central or south Florida who were cleared to do clinicals by the hospitals/clinics, with a criminal background? What school did you attend? I am willing to relocate if I can't find a school with a clinical site that will accept me with a background in Florida. Any other suggestions for schools contracted with clinical sites who are understanding and are willing to seperate youth actions from adult actions?
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  3. by   mindlor
    I would suggest you have a conversation with the board of nursing. It would be a shame to find a school and clinical site to accept you only to graduate and find out the BON wont let you sit for the NCLEX.
  4. by   love1226
    The BON wants to see that I have completed the steps necessary for me to even go before the board and completing school is considered a major part in the rehabilitation consideration. An attorney suggested that my first step is to get into a nursing program and be cleared for clinicals. My second step, finish nursing school and apply for a license along with providing my dispositions/what I have done since then/letters from professors etc. My third step, going before the board, which she will do for me. If I am turned down by the board, I will continue to apply or move and apply to another board. Despite whatever I have to go through, I'll always be honest and face my challenges when I get there. Right now, I need to find a school that has had students with backgrounds and clinical sites have let them participate.
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    Did you ever find out anything?
  6. by   MissRNBlue803
    I went to nursing school in north florida with a criminal background it was one hospital that accepted me the one that I worked at would not let me do clinicals there...I graduated with my ADN..GOOD LUCK on ur journey to becoming a nurse.
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    Where did you attend nursing school and what hospital let you do clinicals. I am in North Florida and in a similar situation. Thank you.
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    I am in North Florida and in a similar situation. Where did you go to nursing school, MissRNBlue803?
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    Quote from KLKeri
    I am in North Florida and in a similar situation. Where did you go to nursing school, MissRNBlue803?
    I went to florida state college jacksonville
  10. by   KLKeri
    That's where I have been accepted. I am just really worried about being approved for clinicals.
  11. by   MissRNBlue803
    Baptist medical center will approve u...thats where I did all my clinicals