Any success stories obtaining license w/prior felony drug convictions in CA

  1. Looking for any success stories out there from someone w/a felony drug conviction that was able to obtain their RN license from CA BRN.

    Here's my background, short & to the point: I have 2 felony convictions on 2 separate occasions. The first one is a possession charge with a DUI. (I was under the influence of the narcotic while driving and also had possession of it). The 2nd one is intent to distribute. BOTH are 10 years old. I can prove rehabilitation. Finished all NA, AA, diversion, community services. I am now a wife, mother, and a 4.0 student (and NOT the same person I was 10 years ago).

    I am interested in finding out if there is anyone out there with a drug conviction that was able to obtain their license in CA.
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  3. by   knufflebunny
    Or someone that was DENIED their license bc of a felony drug conviction. (In CA only).
    Thanks for anyone that replies!!!
  4. by   lighteningkrashes
    In my state of Indiana the Board of Nursing has a list of questions you must answer when you apply for your test. I am sure I recall being asked if I had ever been convicted of a crime. Then the board decides from there on a case by case basis. Not much of an answer but that is all I know about that. Before you ask, no, I was never convicted of a crime, but best of luck to you.
  5. by   knufflebunny
    Thanks for the reply, but I am aware of the procedures I will have to go through when I apply for my license. I am just curious if there is anyone out there with a success (or not successful) story with trying to obtain their license in CA (only) with a criminal history. Particularly drug convictions.
  6. by   caliotter3
    I know of someone in CA who had a moving traffic violation and was not provided a license so it obviously is not an easy endeavor.
  7. by   knufflebunny
    What kind of moving violation? It must have been a serious. A hit and run? Background checks show serious criminal offenses, not minor traffic violations such as a speeding ticket or expired registration.
  8. by   PhoenixTech
    Quote from knufflebunny
    i have 2 felony convictions on 2 separate occasions. the first one is a possession charge with a dui. (i was under the influence of the narcotic while driving and also had possession of it). the 2nd one is intent to distribute. both are 10 years old. i can prove rehabilitation. finished all na, aa, diversion, community services. i am now a wife, mother, and a 4.0 student (and not the same person i was 10 years ago).

    you would think that convictions past @ least 10 years wouldn't be an issue. certainly anyone struggling with the disease of addiction can present with differing manifestations of the disease with many of them ending in convictions. under such extenuating circumstances, as long as rehabilitation has been achieved, it seems awfully unfair to prevent someone's upward mobility when such a length of time has passed.

    in my case, i was dismissed from school for a 14 year old criminal history and was devastated. it took some time for me to lift my head and continue moving forward. being barely out of my teens when i lost my way, i had no idea if i would live let alone what i wanted to do with my life. that my past can come back in such a way....well, i hope and pray that the state of california is more lenient in your case than the state of nj.

    btw, with all the talk that i've heard of nurses being held to a higher standard, committing crimes while in the profession already or in nursing school should be dealt with more harshly than being banned from the profession based on past offenses. especially in the face of circumstances and rehabilitation.
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  9. by   acutern2b
    Try just calling the board and asking those questions. I'm sure you will get better info. Good Luck!
  10. by   CSUSM10
    I would definitely like to know responses to what the original poster is asking as well.
  11. by   Nurse2B_88
    PhoenixTech, if you don't mind me asking, can you tell me what conviction in your past got you dismissed from school? I have two misdemeanor charges in my past and am deliberating whether I should even invest the time and money into nursing school.

    I would also love to hear any success stories from people who have got their license and hired in CA.
  12. by   indigonurse
    I know of someone who had a felony for stealing and served 8 months in Paton state prison then got the charge expunged. She had to provide all of this info. to the nursing boards before they could make a decision. They did allow her to practice nursing. Unfortunately at this time she is serving time in a county jail for threatening her husband with a knife while being under the influence of meth. I helped her during that time and the boards told me that they would review the conviction and any information about what the person has done to rehabilitate themself. Are you able to get any of your charges expunged? Do you have proof about what you have done to rehab. yourself. There is also a list of charges on the CA BRN website that would automatically exclude someone from obtaining a nursing license.
  13. by   Nurse2B_88
    Toydemon10, I have tried looking on the CA BRN website for a list of automatic disqualifications for licensure but was unable to locate it. Can you show me where it's located?
  14. by   CSUSM10
    There isn't a list. As the BRN website says, they look at each case on a case-by-case basis. I'm sure if you're a serial killer, that would be considered an automatic disqualifier.

    Worst case scenario, move to FL. I have a pdf that lists disqualifiers, and basically unless you have a felony that's less than a year old, you're good to go..