Any nurses out there hired by a hospital after a minor felony on their record? - page 7

Does anyone know FIRST hand whether or not a hospital will actually consider a candidate with a felony on their record? More than 14 years ago when I was only a teenager, I was charged as an... Read More

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    Where you able to get a job? I am a RN but I have a stipulation on my license ,and have not yes found a job?
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    Wow congrats! Your story is very uplifting. I have a dui from feb. 2010 and I'm about to enter LVN school. I have a misdeameanor dui. I am scared that I will have a problem finding a job as that is the only arrest/conviction I have ever had in my life. Did you apply to a hospital or home health? What state are you in? I live in California by the way. Any comments is appreciated
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    I have a similar question, but I have a very messed up situation. I have a felony in FL for a credit card charge. The state of FL revoked my licence, but I still have my license in another state. My question is this....... Can a nurse get hired with a felony on their record? The courts told me when I finished the terms of probation, that I could get it expunged. At that time I would be able to return to work I without a problem. Now I am finding out that felonies can't be expunged?. Can someone please shed some light on this for me. I am so upset and scared I may not be able to support my family in the future.

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