advice for any people who have a misdeanor/petty felony/record???

  1. im new to this website, and this is my first topic. but ive been a nursing student for 3 years now and only have a month a half to graduation!! i can say im really excited. i really wanted to see if anyone can relate to this topic, if anyone has any experience or any knowledge, or any advice/tips relating to the topic. every bit will help please share! a friend of mine has a misdemeanor, the charge was for less than $500, this was in NY, and they went through everything to get the charge sealed. i already know that it is extremely hard to find a job, let alone in the healthcare industry. again please share! i hope to hear from you guys soon
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  3. by   DawnJ
    Be honest because if you get caught later down the line for not disclosing it, your ethics come into question. They will think "what else will he lie about if he felt it was in his best interest". Be upfront, show that you handled the situation and learned from it and that there is no pattern of offending.
  4. by   Still Standing
    What ever red flags you have on your records, needs to be discussed with the board, because if you lie about it, and after they investigate you they are not going to want to hear excuses later. So being honest about it up front will go a long way, when going in to a nursing program they will have to get a background check done, and if the clinical agencies won't accept him to do clinical then he won't be able to continue in the program. It's just like applying for a job.
  5. by   BostonFNP
    I agree with above, make sure this is disclosed to the BON, or it could mean trouble down the road. You, or your friend, may need character references to get licensed.