What to wear to an "Open House Interview Day"

  1. 0 I plan on attending an open house/open interview day for a local healthcare system. Sounds silly but what should I plan on wearing? I don't have a suit. Thanks for any recommendations!
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    Now might be the time to get a suit! It will be good to have for other interviews too.
    Otherwise, nice pants and a sweater or blouse- very conservative, neutral colors in a flattering shade.
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    Thanks! I wound up in black pants and button down shirt. I was people watching and no one was in a suit, so I was comfortable. I never wore a suit to previous interviews but perhaps I should invest in something more.
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    Definitely invest in a decent suit, in black or navy, or other neutral color. Assuming that you would be a similar size, that suit will be timeless that you can wear over and over for professional meetings, like interviews! Good luck to you.
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    You need a suit! Go to Nordstrom's and get a real suit with alterations to fit you perfect. I did this when I graduated from nursing school and it really makes you feel confident going to the interview looking sharp. I did get mine on sale it was an "out of season" or "last season" but it is navy blue and will last for years. You really need to do it as an investment.
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    you will be wearing a suit even if its 100F out there not debatable. a full interview suit with tie if you're a man and lite make up if female, complete with waxed shoes, interview portofolio with lots of resumes and a big smile. I really feel that this is what set me a cut above the rest of the applicants that day it was 97F and I came in full interview gear while other applicant wore slacks shirt no tie, casual shoes, sat in the lobby playing w his phone while waiting his turn. I got the job.

    As an interviewee your uniform is your suit sure you'll see some people show up with flipflops and jeans which is better for you because now you'll look even more professional.

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