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I have my BSN, passed my NCLEX and haven't found a job in 2 years. Not through lack of effort mind you, but i live in Philadelphia, where the job market is basically nil for new grads. I applied to... Read More

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    Quote from Cindycin37
    Where are those places?
    If you were asking me send me a PM and I can send you what I have found.
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    Quote from lmlong57
    Casper, WY. Graduate Nurse Job opening 2-3 times a year. Surgical, PCU, Medical, Neuro to name a few.
    I lived in Casper for ten years. It had a...reputation...among RN's, if you catch my drift. That's been ten years ago. Perhaps the bureaucracy in charge at the time, has changed hands. I would certainly hope so.
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    I wish I would have become a CNA, first. If you aren't "smooth" in clinical, the instructors won't recommend you to a hospital. Remember, many of your fellow students are actually medical professionals from abroad. Hospitals hate training new grads. They get their nurses from the Pacific Rim, where they train with 50 patients and patients are guinea pigs. You walk into nursing school at a great disadvantage.
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    Did the OP ever find a job?