RN with a BSN - 2 years in - no available jobs. Should I change careers? Help - page 2

When I chose to become a nurse while applying for college I knew it was a good idea. Once I got the opportunity to be a student nurse extern in the CVSICU I knew nursing was the best career path I... Read More

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    P.s. Being a nurse is my dream too and NEVER EVER give up on your dream! I won't and neither should you.

    If there is a will there is a way! ( I love quotes!)
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    keep your head up, 24 is young and full of life. nurse's are working up until their 60, 50, all types of age... get into an agency
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    Wow, what a story. But yes, AGENCY is where you need to go. I have one agency that I work with that helped me out and I only have 8 months worth of RN experience. You have the two years they are looking for and you could get your foot in the door to a hospital. Good luck and update us!
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    Quote from samadams8
    After witnessing this happen to enough nurses, I say always have another job; b/c the politics in the hospital can be 10X as bad any office politics that happen in any company. Being let go or leaving a place can leave unfair implications, which may ensue from the politics. And these can be 10X as hurtful, b/c people may well assume the break in employment relationship may be due to issues of safety. In fact, that is not often the case, and this is one reason why there are many less board investigations against nurses as compared with terminations. Good luck.
    This is true in the Veterinary field as well, and it is MADDENING. THANK YOU for all of your very helpful advice. I have flagged it and will refer back to it often, in school and in practice. You can NEVER be too careful or too thorough!!

    cmr4188 -- Keep trying and get back in the game!! You are wiser and tougher now; If you give up, they win...
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    Try upstate my...small rural hospitals are hiring....Elmira, Schuyler, try upstate in Syracuse.....

    And you have been working. You have experience and have done things a lot of RNs never do. Just remember that and emphasize it....
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    You are not alone. It sucks in California. I just found this post


    There are some awesome ideas I am going to try. Try it too. Hugs
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    Thank you everyone for your amazingly kind words. I haven't given up and now have a job in NYC as an operating room nurse. I'll be starting in a few weeks! My fingers are crossed and I'm so nervous but, I didn't give up and now there is a light at the end of the tunnel!
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