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reapplying at the same company

  1. 0 Last February 2013, I had an interview at the hospital and I was hired on the spot. Everyhting was going well until I found out myself that I missed my drug test date. I called the HR right away to explain why I missed it but I was told that they had to forfeit my employment. I was really devastated but I am really determined to land a job at that hospital. Now, how soon can I reapply for a job at the same hospital? I guess I dont want to annoy them by reapplying too soon. Please advise. Thanks!
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    I imagine they would have a policy about that. Call HR and ask.
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    I'm sorry that happened. Yeah, I would call to find out how soon can you reapply. Don't give up.
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    Make real sure that when you apply again, that you don't give them information that conflicts with your first application. Mssing a drug testing date has already sent them a red flag. If it doesn't automatically bar you, methinks it will at the least cause them to scrutinize you very closely. I can't say for sure, but in this day and age, I suspect that missing that drug testing might be a significant issue.