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Just found out that i dont have a job to return to after i give birth. I have been out of work for 3 months due to high risk pregnancy and im currently 1 semester away from graduating with my MSN.... Read More

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    I have never been able to afford COBRA premiums. I always thought of it as kind of a joke, oh your unemployed, we'll help you by charging you way to much for something when you have no funds coming in. Kind of a last middle finger from your former employer. Although I suppose COBRA premiums might be cheaper than self pay for the cost of a birth. Legal or not firing in this way allows hospitals/companies to discriminate against women. There should be some sort of special protections in place for matters relating to pregnancy. Just one more reason we have long needed a nationally supported healthcare system (something like obamacare). If employees can buy their own, affordable healthcare this sort of thing will just matter less. Also, people won't feel beholden to their employers for healthcare and can leave their jobs when being treated poorly. Sounds like you don't want to be working for that NM anyways. Good luck to you!
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    Unfortunately, this can and does happen. If you were out for 3 months due to pregnancy complications then you used your FMLA up. I was covered under intermittent FMLA for hyperemesis and missed 3 weeks in one month. I went back to work wearing a subcu med pump to get zofran 24/7 for a month. Three months after I returned to work, without missing a single day or even being late, I had my annual review. I got high marks for everything except my attendance and was told I need to improve my attendance record. Remember, I was covered under FMLA, but I was still dinged for poor attendance. Plus, when I finally did have my baby, my FMLA had been decreased by 3 weeks, so I missed that time postpartum too. Before that, I had worked in another office and we had a coworker, an excellent RN with 37 years at the same company, with health issues. She'd beaten breast cancer the year before and wound up developing complications from the surgery. She missed 3 months due to hospitalizations and PT and they had to release her when her FMLA was up. That way they could justify hiring a permanent replacement and not just floating a different person or being short-staffed. She was 72 at the time and I'm hoping that wasn't part of the decision. She really was an AMAZING nurse!
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    The same thing happened to me, kindof. When I was 7 months pregnant I took my NLCEX-RN and was told I could no longer work in my position, nurse assistant. No job, no insurance, and too far alone for anyone to take me serious= some serious planning.

    Honestly the day I was told to put in my resignation letter I applied for Medicaid, Food Stamps, Unemployment, and WIC. I recieved everyone of them and it has helped me tremendously and I dont know where I would be without it.

    On another note if you worked there for longer than 12 months full time and your on FMLA you can sue the hell out of them because it is a requirement for them to hold your position or a similar position for you to return to.

    *My baby is almost 3 months old and this happened back in August.*
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    Quote from serenitylove14

    On another note if you worked there for longer than 12 months full time and your on FMLA you can sue the hell out of them because it is a requirement for them to hold your position or a similar position for you to return to.
    Employers are only obligated to hold your position (or an equivalent position) while you qualify for FMLA. FMLA is 3 months. The OP has already exhausted her FMLA and therefore the employer is no longer obligated to hold the position. It's tough, it's heartbreaking but it is legal.
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    Oh I didnt see that she had used all her FMLA. Thats ok she can still apply for all of the programs I mentioned before. She just needs to do asap so she doesnt have any lapse in coverage on insurance. Dont do cobra. Why pay the outragous monthly payments for this when you can get free health insurance through your state? One thing the USA loves is its mothers and babies. You will be just fine!

    Hang in there!