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What are some red flags at hospitals that let you know that this might not be the best place to work?... Read More

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    Quote from KatieMI
    Would you like to become "THAT nurse" or "the only one (whoever)" for unknown period of time and so find out how "different" people are usually treated there? Or would you like to explore why the neighborhood from where most of the staff came and another one supplying most of the patients in the hospital hardly ever mix socially? (or even enjoy the words these people call each other when nobody else is around?)
    I'm experiencing that right now actually. I'm the only black in the traditional nursing program and my school is more homogenous that most schools. Personally, I'm baffled by the words that come out of people's mouths. Reaffirmed that realization that diversity and mixing is ESSENTIAL! So i understand what you're saying now. lol
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    Quote from Soliloquy
    Yikes! Major red flag.

    Yeah. During my interview, I assumed (and I know what they say when one assumes) that the subpoena was related to some lawsuit or med malpractice suit. Not totally unreasonable to have thought...especially in this day and age. I'd decided to leave and had left, for other reasons when the FBI showed up in person... Had I known, I would have rather remained unemployed...
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    During an interview at a hospital unit, I inquired about the handling of call outs and supplemental staffing. The response I received, "We don't have call outs here." I almost fell out of my seat, and wanted to run for the hills. Apparently, there was nothing in place to address the situation should it arise.
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    Quote from netglow
    Online application question, "Do you have a family member who is an employee? name, title, floor.
    Why is this a red flag? I'm from a small town and this is a question on the hospital application. I never thought once that there was anything bad about it...they don't want family members in positions of authority to other family members.

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