No one will hire me...

  1. I've got my Bachelor's in Nursing, RNC certification in my specialty, just over 10 years experience, been a preceptor several times. I left my job to take what I thought would be a better job at a better hospital. It didn't work out. Suffered from severe anxiety and depression and couldn't function well. I was put on administrative leave, and my MD even presented a letter that I was not able to work until further evaluation. Long story short, I went back to work, but it just wasn't a good fit; the staff were not welcoming, and my depression and anxiety overcame me. I had fully regretted leaving my first position because that's where my best friends and support system are. I was involuntary terminated, they called it a 90 day release since it was within my 90 days. They told me they were reporting this to GroupOne (DallasFtWorth) as a 90 day release. Now no one will hire me. I'm not sure if it's the groupone or if it's my resume, or if it's because I've had a lot of jobs and haven't shown much longevity other than at 2 of my jobs. I've applied to over 30 jobs. The rejection emails are pretty common. "We are going with a candidate with more experience" then the same job will remain posted so I know those positions aren't getting filled; they just don't want me. Do I need to move?? I don't know what else to do since no one will hire me. I want to have a job I really enjoy and can start to feel normal again. I think the years of working nights has def taken it's toll. I'm not healthy. But I want the energy to be, and I've got to find a job.
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  3. by   HouTx
    When you say you were put on administrative leave, what does that mean? Were you suspended? FMLA due to stress? Do you feel as though you have your stress/anxiety under control now? If not, it may not be practical or beneficial for you to put yourself back into the same situation that triggered it in the first place.

    Have you requested access to your information from GroupOne? That should be your first step. You need to know what the problem is before trying to come up with solutions. You may have to look for jobs in non-hospital settings at first until you can demonstrate a more stable work history.

    I hope you have success soon.
  4. by   TheWalkingDeadNurse
    administrative leave was basically non FMLA leave. I hadn't worked at the facility long enough to qualify for FMLA. I did just contact GroupOne, but I haven't heard anything back yet. My anxiety is actually much worse, but I think because I can't get a job and don't know what to do with my life. Looking into going to school full time to get my masters in nursing education. I just don't know how school loans really work and how much I could get or if I could live off them. I'm applying everywhere, out of hospitals, and it's just a slow slow process. I think lots of people are looking for jobs right now. Also spoke with a travel company about travel within Texas, but I just don't know. I have a mortgage and I'm just not sure working in a hospital is what I need right now. Lots of sort through and figure out. Thank you
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    I think the most important thing for you right now would be to take control of your health and then you will succeed with finding a job that you will be able to keep. Also, have you tried to contact your previous place of employment to see if they would hire you back?
  6. by   TheWalkingDeadNurse
    Yes I did, my previous employer told me that there were no positions. I also got my info from GroupOne, and I am clear, so this is baffling to me. As of today I have applied for 53 jobs, not a single call back.
  7. by   duke1158
    I know what you're going through. I suffer with depression and lost my job last year and no employer wants to hire any candidate with a history like that. It's really hard now since its so competitive. I've had a really hard time Andy depression is just getting worse.
  8. by   TheWalkingDeadNurse
    Quote from duke1158
    I know what you're going through. I suffer with depression and lost my job last year and no employer wants to hire any candidate with a history like that. It's really hard now since its so competitive. I've had a really hard time Andy depression is just getting worse.
    Feel free to PM me about the depression
  9. by   TheWalkingDeadNurse
    Well I found out today that where I live may be automatically ruling me out during the recruitment/interview selection processes. One guy called me today, and it ended up being a phone screening interview. I live pretty far north of Dallas right now, but I have access to all the major highways to get where I need to be. My house is actually currently on the market so I can move closer into Dallas for more job opportunities and to be closer to my sister. I guess for this job, I would be about 40-50 miles north of where the job is, and the recruiter thought that was unacceptable. Hmm, last time I checked, *I* was the one applying for the job, and I need to decided on my own how far I'm willing to drive to a job. I'm pretty sure that out of the 75 jobs I've applied to with only 3 call backs, where I live has to be a major negative factor to recruiters. If they only just knew that I am moving closer in....they don't even get to know that because they are immediately eliminating me it sounds. So my faith in the nursing recruitment process just got thrown out the window, down 100 stories, and smashed into hundreds of pieces lol!
  10. by   St_Claire
    Get a P.O. Box in the area code you will be moving to. Use that as your address. If they ask about your residence you can say you are looking at homes in the area.

    The big hospital here requires you to be punched in within 20 minutes when you are on call and get the call. Maybe that's his issue.