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    I am considering moving to NC near where my dad lives, and Wake Forest Baptist health has a lot of job openings, but a friend of my dad's told him that he had heard about many people being unhappy working there. I'm Curious to see if anyone has first hand experience or opinions about being a floor nurse in this hospital. Also wondering if it is unionized, I don't see anything referring to unions on the website, so I'm thinking it's not. I am interested in the trauma floors, possibly the burn unit or the ED. Appreciate any insight, Thanks!
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  3. by   Wrench Party
    Hate to burst your bubble, but NC is an at-will state. Unions are almost nonexistent here.
  4. by   elkpark
    At any given hospital anywhere in the US, you will find "many people" who are unhappy working there, but probably many more people who are happy (or, at least, satisfied) with their jobs. Baptist is an excellent and well-respected large academic medical center, one of the "Big Three" medical centers in the state (UNC, Duke, and Baptist, in no particular order,) attached to an excellent research university. I've never worked there, but it was in my "territory" when I worked for several years as a hospital surveyor for NC and CMS quite a few years ago, and I was involved in many surveys there. I did apply for an advanced practice job there at one point, and was v. disappointed that they hired someone else. Wrench is correct about NC being at at-will state; I've never heard of any hospital in the state having a union presence.
  5. by   calivianya
    Yep, no unions. I was not lucky enough to get hired there, but a lot of the people I graduated nursing school with were - and they only have positive things to say.