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  1. So, I applied for many positions in two hospitals and one nursing home. This was like 2-3 weeks ago. I live over 58 miles away, however, I recently got an apartment, I get to move in on the 11th of August. Do you think if I start using my new address (which is in the city I plan to work/attend college) I'll have better luck?

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  3. by   Double-Helix
    No, I don't think changing your address will make a difference. Employers look at the qualifications on one's resume- not the demographic information. It's really hard to get a job in the healthcare field at the moment and facilities have their choice of many applicants. I was hired for a job when my resume listed an address from another state.
  4. by   Birdbr
    Thanks!!! I was hoping that's what it was... but I guess I'll just have to make some connections at the facility.
  5. by   Biffbradford
    If you need to be on call for emergencies, then it might matter.
  6. by   Rntr
    I have sent in applications to locations that were 100ml away and they always ask... do you know where this is at? I traveled for years and I am looking for something within a certain redius from family... when I get that job I will move but I don't want to put money out ahead of time...

    Some of the people at these places just don't get it... I do think it makes a difference..
  7. by   Art_Vandelay
    IMHO, it does make a difference. Employers prefer to hire locally or from within first. This is by no means the rule, but I think those within the area or within the company have a slight advantage. That is not to say that employers won't hire candidates from out of state. It all depends on what the employer is looking for in an employee. Just my two cents.

    p.s. not relevant, but I like your screen name. I am a bird nut though.
  8. by   MrChicagoRN
    It may matter.

    When deciding which resumes make the cut to be invited in to interview, those that aren't an hour or more away have a home court advantage.

    However when I'd get a resume from a new grad with an address like "--Sheridan Road, Lake Forest, IL" a very expensive area, I'll figure that's mom & dad's address & won't think much about it. If the address is way beyond any possible commuting distance, then it's a moot point.

    If in doubt, include in your cover letter, "will be relocating to YourTown in the near future."
  9. by   Birdbr
    Thanks everyone. After a few months in college, in the town I was applying in, I got a call from both facilites. The reason it may haven taken so long is because once I moved up there, I stopped applying, but then I decided to give it another try. I did an interview with one hospital and they declined me due to my lack of experience. So now, I am going to apply to some nursing homes again.