Job got rescinded. Do you think I'm allowed to reapply ?

  1. Hello everyone!

    After waiting so long, I finally received a call for an interview at a hospital here in NYC. I got hired for the position. All I had to do now was finish the process with Human Resources. I took in my license, documents, filled out all forms, etc. All I needed was one thing, drug screening. I was given the drug screening order to get it done Friday or Saturday. My sister is hospitalized (seizures) and so I spent my Friday with her. I spoke to HR and was assured that the testing facility was open on Saturday and that I had time to get my test done.

    I showed up and the lab was closed, I contacted HR the same moment I was at the place. Receptionist told me that I could get another testing form.

    I'm not blaming anyone, it's most likely a confusion in the given information what occurred.

    Well, my recruiter called me to let me know the job was rescinded due to the fact that I didn't get the test done when I should've. Ever since I'm calling, writing, apologizing, explaining myself, and so on in hopes of a second chance. I feel terrible. I had been waiting so long for this chance.

    I gave up on trying to get a second chance. I called HR and the receptionist told me that I can indeed reapply to other open positions. I am afraid that for any other available positions I may be put to the side due to being rescinded once.

    What do you think? Obviously this would've been my first job out of school (even more hurtful to have lost it!), as I am not so experienced with the system I do not know if my chances of being considered again are less.
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  3. by   HR1989
    I really don't know anything about this, but I certainly don't think it can hurt to try again!
    Especially if you let HR know what happened last time...
  4. by   BrendaH84
    my recruiter asked me, "when will u get the drug test? i said "well there's no excuse not to drive somewhere right now, just to pee, so tell me where to go and I will drive there provided they are opened for as long as it takes me to drive there."
    she pulled up the website & put in my area & gave me a few to choose from, i told her which was closer and she gave me that address.
    she ALSO told me it was between me and another nurse who two days had gone by and the other nurse still hadn't had her urine test yet. I said "well they either don't want this job & they are waiting on another job that they want more, or they aren't "ready" to take the drug test. I hope that you'll take this into consideration and just go ahead and hire me!"
    I went immediately and took the test, I also emailed her to let her know it was "done".
    Within an hour of that email. I received a call from the the person who does the scheduling on that floor, they said to me "I am taking the liberty to add you to next months schedule for orientation, tell me if these days are good for you'"

    There is ALWAYS 30 minutes to one hour, to get this stuff done ASAP.

    Fortunately and unfortunately once we are state Licensed we are "Professionals" and as such we are held to a high standard. A cashier can wait until the 2nd day to obtain her drug testing, a Professionally Licensed person must demonstrate his/her professionalism by obtaining it ASAP.

    Think of it this way, you have two guys who supposedly want to date you.
    With all other things being equal among the two guys, there is one guy who always answers your texts in a timely matter, who arrives on time, who calls you back in a timely manner and who does what you have said is important to you in a timely manner.

    You are stranded somewhere waiting for these guys to call you about a ride home. One is in a hospital with his sister who is surrounded with nurses and techs, but he won't leave for one hour to show you that you are important to him too. The other guy will take care of his family needs AND give you a ride home. Who will be your choice in the future?
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  5. by   HR1989
    Glad it all worked out in the end!

    Thanks for the update
  6. by   ChristineN
    Quote from HR1989
    Glad it all worked out in the end!

    Thanks for the update
    I am confused. I did not see an update to the op
  7. by   HR1989
    Quote from ChristineN
    I am confused. I did not see an update to the op
    Whoops I thought brenda84 was the op