I couldn't believe they were hiring nurses...even new grads

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    I felt discouraged for over 6 months trying to find a job. I went as far as applying all over the country, even in Alaska. The fact is, yes there is a nursing shortage, however that is only for experienced nurses. The great news is there is an oppurtunity for work, and I dont mean in a nursing home. If you are looking to relocate please message me for more information. I was blessed enough to be reffered to this hospital by a friend, and now I am working. Alot of my friends who have graduated before and after me, still have no offers, for over a year in some of their cases. I just want to share the love and pay it forward. This economy is hard, but if you really are determined something will come up. Good luck on the job search everyone, especially new grads.

    P.S: Alot of the nursing job fairs may not say if up front, but they only geared toward experienced nurses. I spent over 4 hours waiting in one, after being told they were interested in new grads that in fact they were not and to keep looking elsewhere. I am happy where I am and giving my all to a great company who took the chance to invest in me and provide the foundatioin for a career of advancement.

    If you are searching in your town, try craigslist....worth a shot.
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    I'm glad you got situated.Good luck.
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    Hey everyone, unfortunately I am very new to actually using the site and cant reply in private messages. Let me start by saying, the pay is equal for the cost of living here, so dont be scared off by that factor. If you are a new grad or needing employment and looking for a change of scenery with sweet beautiful people to work with...then please apply to Southeast Alabama Medical Center. Southeast Alabama Medical Center - Dothan, Alabama - 334.793.8111 Its an awesome place to work, with lots of new things happening. I hope everyone gets a chance to work at this wonderful hospital. I am blessed to have this opportunity to put into action my nursing education....I spent forever looking for a job (with many dead ends )...and this is definitely the best place for me to be. I LOVE WORKING HERE! Good luck everyone..NEW GRADS...there is hope for employment...

    P.S: Beware of hospitals offering new grad positions that stay open for months....I have 4 applications still pending manager review...after 6 months....most time these positions are already filled and stay advertised

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    Those job postings are put there for the benefit of keeping the department of labor off their backs. It doesn't look good for a CEO to be earning millions of dollars per year and there is no jobs when those nurses who do have jobs are running themselves to the bone and the patients are so sick. It puts up a good farse to the unemployment and the DOL, who, when nurses do go to apply for Unemployment because they can't find a job, unemployment looks at them like there nuts. "Look at all those nursing positions posted!" These facilities and hospitals are even nervy enoughto post these"jobs" on the workplace developement/aka Unemployment job board- they are a big fat lie. Half are for OR nurses and the other half are for ED, and L&D nurse and if you are none of those, you are screwed even if you have experience, even tons of experience, you are still screwed. They only want nurses would have 3-5 yrs experience- and you had better have a good reason why you are leaving your old/curreent employer- "your cat died in that hospital and it brings back bad memories" is the only one they will accept before they have the CIA investigate you and your cat,a 3-5 yr experienced nurse, they don't have to pay well and don't have to train. The old( over 25yrs-30 yrs experience) ones they don't want they have to pay for experience, and they are too experience to drink any more managment kool-aid. After all, we all have diabetes, hearing loss, cardo vascular disease or even malaria and eboli, alopecia and gray hair.
    Nursing job postings are already filled so the posting is BOGUS, now why else would a facility or hospital have a filled position still posted if it wasn't to deceive some one? Nursing just doesn't tell it like it is. There are many unemployed nurses out here. Nursing doesn't want that dirty little secret out there. It's bad for the image. Then there won't be those long lines and wait lists in academia, just dying to go into thousands of dollars in debt so when they graduate- they won't have a job either. "But what about all that student loan debt?"- too bad, tough luck kiddo, here's the bill!! They got their money from you. Then they have the BSN thing going on- that's so you can go out and get in more debt!! Did anyone in nursing ever sit you down and tell you how it really is before you spent all that money? Nursing is the new swamp land in Florida joke.
    Then there are those really moronic HR people who ask- "why so many temporary jobs"Has this idot been under a rock for the past 4 years
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    I'm so happy you were able to find a good job. And thanks for sharing the opportunity here. It is definately a bad economic time out there for everyone.
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    Quote from kcmylorn
    Those job postings are put there for the benefit of keeping the department of labor off their backs. It doesn't look good for a CEO to be earning millions of dollars per year and there is no jobs when those nurses who do have jobs are running themselves to the bone and the patients are so sick. It puts up a good farse to the unemployment and the DOL, who, when nurses do go to apply for Unemployment because they can't find a job, unemployment looks at them like there nuts. "Look at all those nursing positions posted!"
    Are you sure about this?
    Why does the department of labor care how much a CEO makes? Even if they did care, how would this be mitigated by having nursing jobs posted?

    Also- are you sure about the part where the hospital falsely post jobs to make it easier for unemployment to deny somebody benefits?

    I had no idea this level of deception and collusion existed. Please expound.
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    The department of labor posts statistics on unemployment each month. My state posts it on their opening web page in addition to the national unemployment rate. It is not a secret.
    I have on 2 occasions in these past 4 years applied for unemployment and recieved it both times. The most current being now, since aug 2012. It should have been 3 times but the first time around, I knew NOTHING about unemployment and being a "NURSE" I didn't think I was ever eligible for those benefits becase as we all know(tongue in cheek) "Nurses can always get a job". I had $20,000 saved so when I found myself with out a job, I and my 2 kids lived off of that for 8 months when I FINALLY got another position and a per deim one at that, no full time jobs avail even though I had recent TELEMETRY experience for the past 8 years but not a BSN!!! I now have no savings left.I found several temporary nursing position in "other" areas than bedside. All this time, never knowing what was happening to the economic, employment and nursing world. I was after the end of a temporary assignment that I decided to file for unemployment and after being so angry, I stated to read up on the job market expecially in nursing.
    Unemployment has, I think, changed it's name or repackaged itself to the "Workforce Developement" Under the workforce developement name , unemployment hold seminars the first is an intro to unemployment on how to collect bene's and what they will help you with and information on how to pick up added skills and what is available as they know it. The seminars they hold regularly each seminar is held 2 times per month and their is a schedule of the seminars and they are free."Interviewing skills, resume writing, job hunting skills, and what is called"Tuition waiver" for unemployment to pay for a job retraining program provided it is in a "in demand" field. This time around knowing how tough the job market is in nursing and hearing the Unemployment department head state nursing is an indemad field and there are plenty of jobs in nursing and was encouraging all these unemployed people to go into nursing, I had to interrupt and tell the truth I am a RN and I am unemployed! because there are no hospitals hiring( the only kind of nursing I knew at that point) and I don't have a BSN. Unemployment was handing out waveirs for people to have their tuition paid for nursing assitants and LPN school!!
    After reading some more and many months later in the nursing mags, the nursing gurus on nursing empoyment finally admitted that many jobs posted are either filled( mostly by internal candidates, and they already have some one in mind for those positions),and/or they are old postings never taken down(why??) and reading about every nursing lay off I come across, not to mention articles on CEO compensation in these affected hospitals and having been on many,many countless interviews having some of the ridiculous, moronic things asked of me for hiring managers(aka RN,BSN or RN,MSN) My personal favorite is"Why so many temporary jobs?" Are these hiring managers for real?? Do they live in a vaccum?? With my current experience with unemployment- i started to spill the beans on the nursing industry- to the investigator who talks to you to determine elilgiblty for benefits and the Unemployment department head giving these seminars. I told this dept head my circumstance- RN=32yrs hospital experience, all hospital based, no BSN, 4 years of temp postion because of it, can't afford to go back to school because unemployment pays very little. His response was on of shock and being honest was- "I had no idea" and "It sounds like your screwed" ! he directed me to a college and to wite a letter to the financial aid dept explaining my circumstance- I recieved need based grants and have been able to pursue that bloody BSN.
    Why should unemployment care about a CEO compensation?- 1 emplyee with a miltimillion dollar payday and a 8.0% unemployment rate!! an unemployment is sending more people at the unemployment department/Dept of labor's expense into an industry( healthcare) where there are very few jobs!! And the general public is screaming about the cost of healthcare, and many 45% of this nation is without healthcare benefits and these hospitals(CEO) are screaming about the cost od charity care???? and how the hospital is loosing money so they have to lay off more nurses who are to--------be unemployed!!!
    Unemployment compensation aka unemplyment bene's paid out to individuals who are unemployed - Unemployemnt is an "insurance" premium that the Employ-ER pays to the state each month for each employ-EE. The employER's premium went up in the last 2 years- in my state it is now $15,000 the employer pays for each employee it lays off or terminates. Termination eligibity for unemployment is not up to the EMPLOYER it is up to the unemployemnt department!! poor work performance is not up to the employer- it is up to the unemployment depart- that's why you get a call from an unemployemnt investigator and as the women told me- these employERs will say anything doesn't make it so.!! and is not their call. Unemployment investigators want to know why these employER are adding to the unemployment statistics!!
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    Nursing shortages and shortages of nursing jobs are relative...neither condition exists nationwide. I attend a nuring program at a university that boasts a 100% NCLEX pass rate (no pressure there) and a 100% rate of new grads being hired within 3 months of passing NCLEX so I feel pretty secure about my prospects.
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    What school do you go to?
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    Truth is the truth. I have heard this several times over, and even experienced people being hired for a position listed online. The manager still interview folks for the job, knowing it is already filled. Sadness people. Getting a job is very hard. Seize the day and go for your dreams, no matter where they are. I moved for mine and happy I did. Now many doors will be open. Its terrible companies dont want new grads....but then now I have my 1 yr experience and they want me???? I dont think so. I will remain loyal to where I was hired as a newbie. Yes its expensive to hire a new grad, but if someone is willing to invest in you, its only right you pay back that time in service. Unfortunately these companies dont realize nurses with 3-5 yrs experience will up and leave at the drop of a hat; not new grads...oh well....false advertising will continue and new grads being overlooked.

    P.S: Sorry for typos...
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