Help Wanted: 2 years and still no good job.

  1. I apologize if this post is a repeat of previous ones, I wanted to generalize it to my problem. I made the error of accepting a retirement home job soon after graduation, hoping it would lead me to a hospital job. I have given out resumes, attended job fairs etc. I can't seem to get a job in hospital or home care settings, tried it all. Am taking more classes in Sept. (IV therapy, wound care, maybe mental health) Is there something I am missing?? What can I do more?? I am an RPN in Ontario, is there someplace I can maybe move to with better success?? Any and all help would be greatly appreciated, so frustrated!
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  3. by   slhunt
    Hello! First I want to ask if the "PN" stands for Practical Nurse or Psychiatric Nurse?
  4. by   SummitRN
    Good luck.

    Around here the hospitals are laying off LPNs and even the RN med surg jobs want 2 years acute care experience minimum.
  5. by   Violet_roses
    Yes, Practical Nurse. Where is `around here`?? So, its a catch 22, how do we even solve it?

    I am applying to Athabasca University in AB for my RN, does anyone have any feedback??
  6. by   slhunt
    In the states most of the hospitals are working toward magnet status, which requires 80% of nurses to have a BSN level degree. I haven't seen a LPN working in a hospital in Louisville, KY for at least eight years. Most Associates degree level nurses are in long term care. In my opinion getting your BSN is the best way to get into a hospital, especially in the US. Try to get a hold of Human Resources at a couple of hospitals in your area and ask them the top two or three things they look for in an applicant. Bets are it is education level. That is exactly why I am in a BSN program now. Best wishes!
  7. by   nursie_nursie_415
    in 2007 during my clinical preceptorship when I was finishing RN school (ASN), the LVNs were all in the process of being transferred to the clinics. In 2008 I got hired at that same company (different hospital) & there is only ONE LVN employed in the entire hospital & she is part of the wound care team.

    If you desire to work in the acute inpatient setting, go for your BSN. The facility I work for does not require a BSN & many hospitals in Northern California hire ASN/ADN nurses, but with the competition being so stiff at present, a BSN is highly recommended if you do not have acute care experience.
  8. by   joanna73
    ON is a tough market, and it has been for 4 years. If you are studying at Athabasca, perhaps consider relocation to AB. There are more opportunities in Manitoba, Sask, and AB at the moment.
  9. by   Violet_roses
    Thank-you for the help everyone!
  10. by   loriangel14
    What part of Ontario are you in? There are jobs in my part of the province, not a lot but my hospital hires every once in a while.Their is a hospital north of me that has just expanded and they are hiring.They have several openings on their website.Are you willing to relocate within the province?