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It's been a week since graduation with my BSN and I'm so happy that on Monday I had 4 interviews- 1 in HR, 1 with ER, and 2 with the health system's two OR's- the main hospital and the community one. Then on Tuesday I shadowed in... Read More

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    Quote from PrayToTheUnicorn
    I was happy to learn that in my final 8 weeks of my BSN program will be no formal classes but instead a full time preceptorship. I hope that 2 months of "work" will be impressive on a resume.
    A preceptorship is not enough to be considered "work" ... you're still a student. What counts is what you do after you earn your BSN.
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    Well obviously what you do with your BSN is important, but I'm talking about getting my first job, which was also the OP's original topic. I know it's not an actual job, which is why "work" is in quote marks. Coming from another field into a BSN program, its about all I'll have to list on my resume when I apply for jobs other than some volunteer experience.
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    It'll all depend on what other programs in your area do. If they preceptorships then it might not be impressive. If they then sell the stuffing out of it.
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    Congratulations! It's nice to hear a success story. And it's even better that you were able to land a job in the field of your choice. I am also in PA but I am having a bummer of a time where I am. Would you mind private messaging me the name of the hospital system or general city area? I am starting an rn to bsn program this year but would not mind relocating in PA if an opportunity came up.