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It's been a week since graduation with my BSN and I'm so happy that on Monday I had 4 interviews- 1 in HR, 1 with ER, and 2 with the health system's two OR's- the main hospital and the community one.... Read More

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    You said you 'precepted' in the ER...was that a clinical rotation with an instructor and other students? Or maybe an internship? I ask because I went the ADN route and our clinicals were about nine students and one instructor. Do most BSN programs do precepting differently? I am looking into RN-BSN right now and hopeful that it will help me land a job.

    You also mentioned the IV certification- was that something only your program did or do you know if it is something the can be obtained post-graduation and where to look for details?

    Cogratulations on the job! You inspire me!
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    For most of our clinicals there were a maximum of 10 students to one clinical professor. For our critical care rotation, the first half of the semester was spent like that. For the second half, we chose our top 3 hospital and critical care departments and we were assigned to a nurse in one of the departments. For about a month I "precepted" with a nurse that was not a professor through the school but a volunteer staff member. I basically shadowed and got to participate in what I felt comfortable with. It felt great being with a nurse one-on-one. It really helped me to decide that I wanted to be an ER nurse. As for the IV class, it was offered along with CPR classes in my school's health center. They has flyers for it in the nursing department and they offered it every semester to juniors and seniors in healthcare majors. It was just a one day class and honestly wasn't that helpful, but I could put it on my resume.
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    Thanks for the reply. That sounds great- the one on one experience in clinical. I do very well that way. Wish my program had done that!!! I really lack confidence because I feel I didn't get the practice I needed in school. Volunteering with a free clinic in town has taken the edge off a little, but it's just triage, no real nursing skills are done. Thanks again!
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    I was happy to learn that in my final 8 weeks of my BSN program will be no formal classes but instead a full time preceptorship. I hope that 2 months of "work" will be impressive on a resume.
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    Quote from PrayToTheUnicorn
    I was happy to learn that in my final 8 weeks of my BSN program will be no formal classes but instead a full time preceptorship. I hope that 2 months of "work" will be impressive on a resume.
    A preceptorship is not enough to be considered "work" ... you're still a student. What counts is what you do after you earn your BSN.
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    Well obviously what you do with your BSN is important, but I'm talking about getting my first job, which was also the OP's original topic. I know it's not an actual job, which is why "work" is in quote marks. Coming from another field into a BSN program, its about all I'll have to list on my resume when I apply for jobs other than some volunteer experience.
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    It'll all depend on what other programs in your area do. If they preceptorships then it might not be impressive. If they then sell the stuffing out of it.
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    Congratulations! It's nice to hear a success story. And it's even better that you were able to land a job in the field of your choice. I am also in PA but I am having a bummer of a time where I am. Would you mind private messaging me the name of the hospital system or general city area? I am starting an rn to bsn program this year but would not mind relocating in PA if an opportunity came up.

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