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    I have been applying the usual method of going online and submitting application after application and waiting. The HR is of no help, says it's up to the nurse manager, but how can I get noticed by the nurse manager, especially if I don't know the nurse manager? Anyone please offer any helpful tips!! Thanks.

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    You could try to Google the nurse manager. Like Google the hospital's name, the unit you applied to, and nurse manager. That worked for me a few times. You could also ask HR for the nurse manager's e-mail address--I'm not sure if they will give it to you but it is worth a shot.
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    Thanks. What about if you don't know the manager's name? Should I call up the unit and ask?
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    This might help you a lot- sounds exactly like what you were asking! Let me know if it helps
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    I looked at the jobs posted on indeed or other job posting sites and if the job description had the phone number or email address of the recruiter I emailed them my resume and what I was looking for. So far it has worked great.
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