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Several years ago when I was laid off from my LTC job due to low census, I remember despairing of ever finding another job. I was in my early fifties then. At the time I had a bad knee that had ended my floor career despite... Read More

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    Viva, I don't know your background except that you want to write. I just found this: Nurse Analyst/Writer (RN) | MMC Strategic Staffing Job Opening | ZipRecruiter
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    Thank you for this referral. I'm not in TX and I am vastly under-qualified for the position, but what it does is open my eyes to a completely different type of nursing AND writing work I didn't even know existed! How cool is THAT??
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    Viva...I am praying and rooting for you....I just started working in the jail x 7 weeks in the pm slot with a demon possessed nurse manager....she wont allow request/ switch etc.....the younger nurses all 7 of them got days...the 50 year old nurse with 28 years of experience internationally and 20 years in my state and a minority/ asian ethnicity background got pulled to pms FULL TIME even though I originally applied for days....its sad but i am taking one day at a time and fighting depression everyday
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    I'm sorry to hear that, Aviationurse. Sounds like they're setting you up to fail, or making it difficult for you so that you'll quit. I HATE that managers do that to older nurses so's like they want to put us out to pasture.

    Still not having any luck on the job hunt myself. Not even a phone call, let alone an interview, and I'm already a full month into my UI benefits. I think part of the problem lies with the fact that I've been working at the executive level and now want to work in a less responsible capacity........that always set off MY radar as a hiring manager, too. I'd get immediately suspicious if, say, an experienced medication aide who'd earned $14 an hour at her previous place of employment wanted to work for me as a caregiver at $8.50. So I can understand why some employers might be a little reluctant to look at someone with my track record.

    In a way, though, I'm thankful that I'm not working right now. My sister, who up till now has lived with me, has been having major health issues over the past year and fell a few weeks ago, fracturing her right acetabulum and necessitating a stint in a SNF. She now needs to move to assisted living, and to say that she is highly resistive to this is the understatement of the decade. I spend nearly every day driving back and forth to the nursing facility to bring her stuff, visit for a while, and take clothes back home to wash, and all she can do is snipe incessantly at me and sneak pills out of her purse when she thinks she's not getting all her pain meds.

    Today she fumbled her purse and the pill bottles rolled under the bed, where the CNA saw them and reported them to the nurse. The nurse reported the incident to the care manager, who then called to report it to me and ask what I wanted done about it. I asked her to try and get my sister to give them up and have them locked in the safe; if she wouldn't, then I'd come in and get them myself. I haven't heard anything back, so I have to assume they succeeded in getting the meds out of her hands. In the meantime, I haven't heard a squeak out of her all day---I've been busy trying to clean the garbage out of her bedroom in order to make it easier to move her to ALF---and I know she doesn't want to hear what I have to say about the pill incident.

    So much drama, so little time.......yes, I'm glad I don't have to try to work full-time AND manage my sister's issues at the same time, or they'd have to reserve a bed for me in the psych ward. Everything happens for a reason.
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