Filling the gap

  1. So I'm thinking ahead and being neurotic, like I do.

    I'm applying for any and all RN positions that seem reasonable (i.e. I meet the minimum requirements, etc.). IF I manage to land a job in LTC, which seems most likely at this point, AND I then manage to get an interview/job offer at a hospital, how big a douche would I be for taking the job and quitting LTC, even if I'd only been there a short time? All part of the game?

    I realize that it could be 6-12 months before I even get a hospital interview, but it could also be tomorrow and I feel like I should be doing *something* in the field while I wait, just GET A JOB, ANY JOB and worry about quitting later.

    But I also worry about being a butt and leaving just a few weeks after I start.

    I know. Worry about it when it happens. Nevermind! Pay no attention to the unit behind the curtain. I'll just go rock in a corner and wait for an interview call.

    Can I just say, though: it is SO WEIRD to be sending out this many resumes. Every other job I've had was easy peasy to land. All about the market? Maybe.

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  3. by   MelissaLPN
    I say accept which ever job you get first. You do not know if or when you will not only interview but start said job! Sometimes the waiting for people to be done with vacations, call backs and second interviews only to find out you have to wait another two or so weeks for the next hospital wide orientation days, all this takes an incredible amount of time. You want to be working and if you are lucky enough to find something better, just be sure to leave proper notice and that's all.
  4. by   tenjuna
    I once accepted a job, came to work on Monday, and left by the end of the day due to getting a much better offer. Dbag? Yes I accept that. However, you only live once and I am not going to settle when a better opportunity presents itself. Besides, I am sure they had 200 apps for that position, I am sure re-filling it won't be an issue.
  5. by   GinginRN
    I would take the position. Like the MelissaLPN said, you never know if you will get contacted for interviews. In my experience with recruiters, the longer you are unemployed, the less desirable we appear as a potential candidate for the job opening.
  6. by   Meriwhen
    You did it right on the head: worry about it when it happens. Take the LTC job if you can get it. Any nursing experience is better--for both you and your resume--than no nursing experience.

    Plus, in this job market, there's no guarantee that you would get that hospital interview, let alone an offer. You may...or you may not. Just look at how many old new grad threads there are, with some of the grads searching 1, 2 or more years and getting few nibbles but no job.

    Don't worry about the job opportunity that you don't have and might not get. Focus on the opportunity that you do have.