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Hello I am new to this site and have a question for all those other frustrated unemployed RNs out there. I have been an RN since 1995, worked for 5 years and then took off to travel with my family. I always kept my licences... Read More

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    That is crazy! I wonder if you are speaking with anyone with nursing experience! Or just a secretary or HR person. Have you explained the condition of your pediatric patients? Good luck to you. You sure should not need to waste money on a refresher course!

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    I saw an agency ad that said not to bother applying if you haven't been working within a year. Another one said you had to have had 2000 hours within the past two years. Sort of the same. If that's a death sentence, it would be worth not being that picky the closer that deadline approaches.
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    Job hopping and long gaps in resume are holding you back.

    There are plent of jobs out there, they just might not be your ideal job. Keep applying, good fortune will come.
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    Quote from dspacc
    I am on long island NY
    Yes 13 years NICU and 10 years peds homecare =nothing around here
    NYC/LI (any big city, really) is flooded with all types of Nurses. You'll have to get creative with your job search.

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