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I applied for a peds postion in a small community hospital last week. The recruiter called me the next day and said she was forwarding my info to the nurse manager. So i assumed qualified for the position. I never got a call back... Read More

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    Quote from taramb7263
    Yes and no- I got a job but another position that I was waiting to hear about . The ED position they did not give and said it was because I didn't have enough experience . I asked politely, " well- the nm who interviewed me the 1 st time knew that???" she said ," yes but don wanted to interview you." I said," ok but I don't know if you realize this but I never interviewed with him only the other candidate did! I talked with the nurses?" her reply- " OH"
    Any how it's fine because the day before I got an offer for a great opportunity at a subacute care closer to my home I start June 4 they told me straight up about the place the good the bad and the ugly but that I could get my skills and mice on. There is a brand new hospital that just opened right across the street! So I can apply there after 6-12 mths. Also they are very flexible with things I hope you hear back!!! Let me know ! Best of luck
    That's happy for you Good Luck with the new job.....There's a reason for everything.
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    I would call and speak to her to find out what the deal is. It could be just an oversight. You will never know that unless you speak to her or reapply. Good luck.
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    Missed the second page of responses! Congrats on the good news so far! Hope you get the job!
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    Quote from caliotter3
    Missed the second page of responses! Congrats on the good news so far! Hope you get the job!
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    Have you heard about the job yet?
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    Quote from taramb7263
    Have you heard about the job yet?
    yea i wrote this in a different post. I got a call from HR saying that she and the NM really enjoyed meeting me and the NM wanted me to schedule a time for me to come in and meet the staff. Its the next step i guess.

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