Ello~ I'm just curious to know, for those of you who are unemployed nurses, exactly how long have you been looking for work? What are you (LPN,RN,BSN-RN,MSN-NP,etc.) How many previous years of... Read More

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    Thank you for sharing these important points! I'll definitely consider these and more on next job search and interview.

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    Previous post meant for "skqb"
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    I am very frustrated. I've been unemployed for 9 months. I have submitted hundreds of applications. Had about a dozen interviews, but then no job offers. I'm disappointed and angry on how potential new hires are treated---if they say they will call regardless if you get the job, they never do? Certainly doesn't represent the company well when their employees don't follow through on their promises. I left 4 messages with a HR manager to get an update on my application (had the interview and references checked) but again no returned phone call.

    I'm thinking of leaving the nursing profession (even though I recently graduated with my MS degree--certainly a waste of money) but how do I go about creating a resume that focuses on my non-nursing experience and education?

    Any suggestions?
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    If you have had a dozen interviews with no offers you need to get some help on interviewing skills.
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    << If you have had a dozen interviews with no offers you need to get some help on interviewing skills. >>

    Perhaps. Parhaps not. You have no idea why she's not getting offers. JMacRN may have perfectly good interviewing skills, and it's not very nice to suggest the problem lies with her for lack of offers.

    JMacRN, you certainly have some smarts and a lot of determination; you have a master's degree, no small feat. All I can say is, potential employers do not get back to you regardless what they say. They just don't, and I can't guess why that is. It is unprofessional, but my experience is that in "the healthcare industry" in general, unprofessional, discourteous behaviour is rampant and the status quo. How do you think your interviews have gone? Do you think they've gone well? Some interviews I've known have gone well, others I've known I blew it, and others I wasn't sure. Didn't seem to matter, most potential employers never got back to me even if they said they would.

    JMacRN what sort of jobs are you looking at?
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    Nursing association are more preoccupied into pushing minimum entry level to be BSN . Makes you wonder why? shouldn't they be caring more about securing jobs for American trained Nurses . We are INVESTING into our American Nursing Education and ultimately into our economy by taking student loans and paying our taxes.

    Can we start a petition or do something. It's the squeaky wheels that gets the grease. I know for sure I would sign it. I am always signing some type of petitions most recent one was to NY state senators in reference of keeping low interest rates in student loans.

    RN, NYC New Grad, 1 Interview awaiting HR to call me.
    Resumes quite a few.
    Graduated Jan 2012 Passed Nclex March 2012
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    Forgot to add a phone interview flu clinic season part time job.
    total of interviews 2.
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    Quote from morphed
    Do you guys mind sharing what part of the country you are from? Naming cities would be great. I've just never seen anything like what you guys are describing. I would say less than 5% of nurses I've ever worked with or observed have been foreign. By the way, are you guys including CNAs in your count? There are many more foreign (mostly latino) CNAS than RNs and LPNs combined, but still no where near the number you guys are talking about. I wonder if it's just a geographical thing. Are you guys with the high foreign rate more in the Southern part of the country or in rural areas? I can also see California having a higher foreign nurse rate.
    Just because they are Latino doesn't mean they are not Americans.
    Puerto Ricans (Boricuas) are American born Citizen.
    Nurses that are foreign tend to be from country like Asian Philippines, India.
    I have yet to see a sponsored RN from Dominica Republic(Caribbean) or Latin American (Costa Rica,Colombia, Venezuela) etc.
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    I have been not working since June of this year. My job was cut do to the lovely budget cuts in the state of Florida. My problem is that the main hospitasl in my area all want BSN trained nurses. I am currently in school to get my BSN but I still need a job.
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    That is only last month. Me/I have been ......since 2010 due to different circumstances. Flu Clinic specifically Mollen Immunization actively recruits if you need a job. Nice folks to work with!
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