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UNC Healthcare Summer 2014

  1. 0 Wanted to start a new thread for those of us who have applied to UNC Healthcare Summer 2014 - have you all heard yet that your app is complete? Any interview requests?
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    I don't know how to fix the post but I meant to write it's for the UNC Healthcare NEW GRAD program that just closed their application this week. They've started sending out notices that applications are complete. Over 600 apps for 30 (?) spots- yikes!
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    I've applied to this position and so far I just got an e-mail saying my application and all the required documents were received. I'm not sure when they interview or if I even have a shot with that many people applying! goodluck!
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    I received an email on Feb 24th saying my app was complete and my status was changed to "under consideration," but nothing since.
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    My status still states "under consideration" since Feb. 27.
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    2 of my classmates that already work at UNC as Nurse aides were contacted by recruitment last week to set up interviews. They had 665 applications for 66 spots. The rest of us still have not heard.
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    I got emailed this morning to interview!!
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    Awesome! What unit? Do you already work in the UNC system? Good luck!!#
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    The MPCU! I'm an external candidate and have no professional health care experience (ADN student) - was really sweating because last week 2 classmates got emails saying they weren't getting an interview
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    That is WONDERFUL! Same here, ADN, not currently working in healthcare, external candidate. Everyone I know that's been interviewed is either internal or a BSN. Still hope! Best of luck!!
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    Don't give up just yet! It's probably good news you haven't heard yet - a new nurse on the floor we were just on for clinical at UNC said her class drove each other crazy saying when they got interview emails, and sometimes the people who got later interviews got job offers sooner. She said to not fret too much, because some floors are slower than others in getting through the apps
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    Thank you! Trying to stay positive! Everything is still under consideration and under review so hopefully that is a good sign!
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    I had my phone interview with nurse recruitment earlier this week. It was more like an information session. My interview with the nurse manager is scheduled for after April 14, which is after the EPIC install period.