Parkland Residency Winter 2016 - page 6

Hi all, I wanted to start a thread for those who have applied to the Parkland new grad residencies starting in January/February 2016. So far they have posted positions for L&D, NICU, ER, and... Read More

  1. by   glk356
    So exciting!! Look forward to meeting you and everyone!
  2. by   JRNY13
    Did you get any emails about Monday yet?
  3. by   glk356
    No I haven't! I am hoping they send it if not today at least by Friday!
  4. by   JRNY13
    Me too
  5. by   ejg05
    I am also starting Monday in the NNICU and received an email from a lady named Olicia and another from Jill (neither of these ladies are the recruiter who offered me the job). Olicia's e-mail regarded the contract we sign and Jill's had detailed information regarding next weeks orientation. FYI we go all week next week and for the next 3 weeks. She attached a calendar to look at our schedule. She has a lot of information that can answer a lot of questions. I hope this helps. Let me know if you don't receive anything and I can send you some information I was sent.
  6. by   srl4625
    I also start at the NNICU tomorrow and received the emails you described. Has anyone attempted to find the scrub uniform tops from the list? Went today to scrubs and beyond and they told the listed colors are outdated. Are yall just buying shocking pink colors or something? I know tomorrow is business casual but really wanted to wear scrubs the rest of the week.
  7. by   glk356
    I emailed about the scrubs and they said that you can get any scrubs as long as they are shocking pink! I asked because I got some as Christmas presents!
  8. by   mwmora12
    Hi, everyone! I know some of y'all are just starting your internships…congrats! I will graduate in May with my BSN and I was wondering if any of y'all who received positions had any info on when the summer internship positions would be announced and/or any advice on applying. I'm really interested in doing L&D! Thanks!