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Do volunteer RN positions count as experience?

  1. 0 The state I am living in (Hawaii) is extremely difficult to get hired as a new graduate in. I have been offered a volunteer position though. Does this count as experience? We wil be moving in several years and most hospitals require minimum one year acute care experience so i'm just trying to figure out if volunteer experience still counts.
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    It looks good on the resume.

    But like you stated, most hospitals/facilities require one year PAID RN experience.

    CA is awful as well.
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    Unfortunately, no. I graduated two years ago in CA and I have been volunteering my license since... still no acute care job. Volunteering looks great on the resume though!
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    No, they will not count it as experience. However, it is a good way to keep up your nursing skills as well as to form relationships that may eventually help you get a job. And even if they don't... at least you know you spent your time doing something good.
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    At least you're in...Nirvana. Aloha.
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    Officially: no, it is not nursing experience.

    In addition to networking, letting you keep some skills up and building the resume, it can impress recruiters/HR enough to consider taking a gamble on your application. It won't guarantee you a job, but it may snag you a look-see that you wouldn't have gotten otherwise. It did for me
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    Thanks Guys