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Just to warn you, I had a hard day yesterday. It is impossible to wear as many hats as a med/surg nurse has to wear today. We need to be RN of course, but there is also MD, case manager, aid, secretary and Lord knows what all... Read More

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    Quote from Been there,done that
    "I am not a doctor but I play one on TV".
    Or.. most of the time when I am at work.

    Yes, we have many duties that administration and corporate greed has added to our list.

    The role of doctor is the most profound. We have much less education.. but have the responsibility to tell the doctors when their orders are incorrect.(in this case, the so-called doctor cannot recognize a post-dictal patient).

    A conundrum that will NEVER be resolved. Your manager and the hospital administrators know that this "doctor" is inadequate.
    However..doctors brings in revenue and nurses are viewed as a negative cost factor in the ultimate goal of ...

    Thank you for putting it so well. I have always been stumpted by this.

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