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Nurses, How do you refill patient's water pitchers in the hospital? We are no longer allowed to take their pitchers to the touch-free water machine. Currently, they have us using large styrofoam... Read More

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    Just because a patient isn't ordered to be in isolation doesn't mean they aren't infectious.

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    I work in a CVICU (which is half step down) and we rarely give anyone a water pitcher. Our pts are strict I and O's and most are on a fluid restriction. We use a new styrofoam cup every time someone needs a drink. So wasteful.
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    [QUOTE="BrandonLPN;7136323"]This. Infection control can easily exceed the limits of common sense and practicality. If a pt is not in isolation, there's no reason we can't take the pitcher to the pantry and fill it with ice. Shouldt we scrub down the vitals machine between each room? The glucometer? What's going to happen to the pitcher on the trip from the room to the pantry? It's not like we take the pitcher and roll it on the ground, or dangle it inches in front of a coughing pt in the hall. If physically carrying a water pitcher from a room to the pantry is a real risk, then every last pt is totally doomed already.....[/QUOT
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    Besides ICU we don't routinely screen pts for MRSA. All pt pitchers are left in their room and filled with ice in plastic bags from the kitchen. And vital sign machines cleansed with sani wipes or bleach as appropriate. Maybe it's OCD but I hate to think if the germs that might be shared. All those pts who don't wash their hands. The "finger painters" not in isolation..,

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