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i just created a petition entitled the president of the united states: make retractable safety needles mandatory in healthcare settings, because i care deeply about this very important issue. i'm trying to collect 100... Read More

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    I've had accidental needlesticks twice when trying to retract a used needle while giving flu shots. The point is this can be more risky that just putting a regular used syringe into a sharps container. The syringe in question was undoubtably very cheapo. It happened when my hand slipped on the barrel (glove wet with alcohol) while trying to pull the plunger with the other hand. This procedure was very difficult to manage one-handed. They really need to make spring loaded or one handed retractable syringes.
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    I don't even try to engage the needle cover on syringes anymore. Just take them to the sharps.
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    Quote from LRB79
    Thank you to everyone who signed!!!

    I would like to reply to the posts by saying...

    I'm just a nursing student who would like to raise awareness about how nurses need more protection from needlesticks

    Yes, I know 100 signatures will do nothing in this situation, 100 signatures was just the factory setting on the sight, but at least it's a start. It can't hurt. The point I see is - there are less people getting diseases when the safety needles are being used.

    It's not the nurses fault that they weren't properly trained so the safety needles would be good for them, especially new nurses.

    Maybe only needles used for drawing blood should be retractable or at least safer. I dunno, that's something I figured the experts could figure out once there is a million signatures.
    I agree with the people who said that sub-standard "safety" needles do more harm than good, and especially that any protective needle is potentially dangerous if people aren't shown how to use them properly. I know where I started nursing they didn't and frustrated, I also took the route of simply disposing of it as a sharp for some time.

    I've only had one needlestick and it was in removing a huber on a passed patient which I attribute to being flustered by a hellish patient load and lack of supporting staff. I made the mistake of not protecting myself by rushing and not being focused. I don't do that anymore as I'm not paid enough to get regular needlesticks on the job.

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