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Learning to assert self with NCP's/PCT's - page 2

Okay so I am almost and old new grad.. been working for about 6 months now. I am having a hard time asserting myself to the PCT's/NCP's on the unit. Most of them are older in their 50's and... Read More

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    Sadly in many of these situations the "inmates" have been allowed to run the asylum to the extent management/administration does not back up staff nurses when issues with CNAs/techs arise.

    While there never has been a huge amount of prestige attached to nursing assistant postions, there are many whom would do the job if wages in some facilities weren't a step above MacDonalds.

    There are NAs here in NYC who tell me they make around $9/hr. That is less than 20K per year, you simply cannot live around here on that kind of money.
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    I found it only takes once of me giving up my chair to a tech and asking them to sit down for a second, they have earned it, to get them to see me in a favorable light. A little commiseration/kindness has gone a long way for me. Sharing laughter helps a lot too.