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I need help please. Just not sure what to do now. Getting right to the particulars. I was working in a So Cal Hospital in a Psychiatric unit. I was assigned a set schedule. 1) I was suddenly... Read More

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    Quote from Redriot
    Hi hkrntobe,
    culture. I would cause a major riot if they tried to schedule me 8-in-a-row. That is NOT acceptable anywhere unless you are the one picking up extra hours or agreed to that schedule. If you were hired with a block schedule, then that is what you should be working. They are pulling one over on you and I would go back to HR and ask for copies of the policies. Then take that and copies of your hiring contract to a lawyer for a free consultation.

    My schedule when I worked at the hospital was 8 on 6 off. Perfectly acceptable, and not all that uncommon, at least where I am. I didn't enjoy my 8 on, but my 6 off was awesome. But I agree, if she didn't sign on for that it's a bit unfair.
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