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I need help please. Just not sure what to do now. Getting right to the particulars. I was working in a So Cal Hospital in a Psychiatric unit. I was assigned a set schedule. 1) I was suddenly assigned to work 8 days... Read More

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    Girl, hear what Peter Paul and Mary are sayin about doing the right thing....If I Had a Hammer.....
    Thank you for doing the right thing and being a patient advocate instead of the others:-)Peter, Paul & Mary - If I Had A Hammer - YouTube
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    Your intelligent discourse took a hit when you decided to blame Obamacare for your personal problems. I was sympathetic until that. You made a choice and suffered the consequences. Medicare, Medicaid and healthcare reform had no bearing on your inability to maneuver political minefields in order to promote best outcomes for your patients.

    How much change is being enacted now that you are not there to make any difference at all? You missed the forest for the trees.

    Best of luck on your job search.
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    I can't see how I made any assumptions in what I said that you replied to. I was giving my view of what has happened to some people, including myself, as new nurses. Going back, the OP (and other people mentioned) were in new positions if not new they were "new nurses" at that job, in that facility. I did not assume anyone that posted here was a new nurse or graduate in my statement.

    "Balance, fairness, support; this is what nursing needs most IMHO".

    That is what nursing needs but not always what she gets or gives....unfortunately.
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    Quote from NursesRmofun

    "Balance, fairness, support; this is what nursing needs most IMHO".

    That is what nursing needs but not always what she gets or gives....unfortunately.
    Too true Nurses. It's beyond sad to me.
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    Quote from Redriot
    Hi hkrntobe,
    culture. I would cause a major riot if they tried to schedule me 8-in-a-row. That is NOT acceptable anywhere unless you are the one picking up extra hours or agreed to that schedule. If you were hired with a block schedule, then that is what you should be working. They are pulling one over on you and I would go back to HR and ask for copies of the policies. Then take that and copies of your hiring contract to a lawyer for a free consultation.

    My schedule when I worked at the hospital was 8 on 6 off. Perfectly acceptable, and not all that uncommon, at least where I am. I didn't enjoy my 8 on, but my 6 off was awesome. But I agree, if she didn't sign on for that it's a bit unfair.
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