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Hello everyone - I am interested in getting some feedback on a problem we incur rather routinely at our hospital: ED admissions right at shift change. I currently work on a Surgical ICU Stepdown... Read More

  1. by   MiriamCCRN
    I think this is a problem everywhere! And I haven't come up with a good way to fix it. I work in med/surg ICU and we do not get along really well with the ED because of these issues. Several times I have recieved a patient from ED with severe dyspnea that had to be intubated as soon as they were moved off the stretcher. Not sure if it is just a nursing problem but pobably physician too.
  2. by   RNhusky
    we get that all the time from the ED - or they call report and the pt won't show up for hours... so when they come, the nrse who received report is gone/leaving and the next nurse takes the admit. The ICU is notorious for sending us change-of-shift vented patients as well... you know you're going to get at least an hour overtime when you get one of those