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  1. jls189

    Anyone in the MSN nurse educator program???

    Thanks so much for the info. Very helpful.
  2. jls189

    Anyone in the MSN nurse educator program???

    I am also looking into the program. How long are the classes? The standard 8-16 weeks? How long is the program? 2 years?
  3. Would love to hear from someone/anyone with a MJ degree in Health Law from the university. What type of job are in that is allowing you to utilize this degree?
  4. jls189

    CCRN looking towards JD

    Just wondering if you went through with applying for law school? I have been a nurse for 16 years (8 in ICU). I was also interested in anestheisa school, but have decided against it. I went as far as starting the app process. Did a lot of shadoing in the OR. Really enjoyed it, but I just don't know if I could do it all day every day. Law has always interested me, but don't want to be a practicing attorney. I found a Master's in Jurisprudence through Loyola-University of Chicago. It's a health law degree. The program is 4th in the nation. "Loyola's MJ is an excellent degree for those who wish to work in risk management, corporate compliance, health care technology, quality assurance, and health care mediation but can also lead to other opportunities. Here are a few other jobs our alumni are performing: Healthcare Strategies Consultant, CNA Financial Corporation Manager of Regulatory Affairs, Abbott Laboratories President, Patient Marketing Group, Inc. Regulatory Affairs Product Manager, TAP Pharmaceuticals Regulatory Compliance Consultant, United Healthcare Senior Policy Analyst, Clinical Quality Improvement and Patient Safety, American Medical Association U.S. Benefits Program Manager, Intel Corporation Vice President, Hospital and Community Development, St. Bernard Hospital and Healthcare Center" This program sounds right up my alley. Will be applying to start this fall. It's all online except for a couple required campus visits. I wish you all the luck.
  5. jls189

    Why are ICU nurses so rude?

    Never said I was "all knowing" and will never claim to be. Just try to see things from anothers perspective. We all go to work for one thing.....to take care of the patient. Attitudes just get in the way and noone benefits.
  6. jls189

    Why are ICU nurses so rude?

    first of all, nursenick20, you are just rude. icu nurses like you give the rest of us a bad name. nursing is hard enough without having to deal with rude nurses. i was a tele nurse for 7 years and been an icu for 8 years. i have worked at big teaching hospitals and smaller community hospitals in micu, sicu, cvicu, and ccu. i have seen this one too many times. it's totally uncalled for. when i was a tele nurse, i would see patients get transferred out, and they were a total mess....like they hadn't been bathed in a week. i have had patients code and the icu nurse's would mumble to each other that we were stupid and it should have been caught earlier. i have seen many icu nurses treat tele/floor nurses like crap. i, however, haven't ever done that. no one is perfect....even an icu nurse like nursenick20. yes, as an icu nurse we know more than a floor nurse, but we are not better. when i go to a code or a rapid response, i always thank the nurses for calling or tell them "good job" and "good call". laurie52: get a clue. things happen and some of them unfortunate. and to you icu nurse out there complaining b/c you get an admission that screws up your day, get over it. if you don't want admissions, then you are in the wrong field. you don't go to the icu b/c it's gonna be easy. it can be hard work. i find that working with a bunch of women is the problem. put a bunch of women together, and you get a bunch of cackling hens....and yes, i am a woman. we are complainers adn like to talk aout people behind their back. sad! sad! sad! of course, i am generalizing. i know we aren't all like this. esme12: i love this post. no one can make you feel inferior without your consent. eleanor roosevelt, 'this is my story,' 1937 us diplomat & reformer (1884 - 1962)
  7. Jsut applied for ED positions at both places. Wondering if anyone works there. Would love to hear what you think.
  8. jls189

    ED Admissions Right At Shift Change

    I am not an ED nurse, but I totally agree with you. It's just one of those sucky things that have to be dealt with. I know that when I get a change of shift admission, it's not b/c ED nurses want to make my life miserable. It's just gotta be done. I have great respect for ED nurses. I always tell the nurses that bring the patients up how much I appreciate that I don't have to be first to see the patient. Patient usually stablized by the time I get them.
  9. jls189

    Best St. Louis hospitals to work at?

    Just want to add my 2 cents. I have been a nurse for about 15 years. I worked for SSM and Barnes for the majority of my nursing career and absolutely loved both places. I wokred at St. Anthony's for about 6 months, and it was the worst experience of my nursing career. They claim to be a ctholic organization, but treat their employees like second class citizens. They either fire people right and left or people quit. That's why they have so many openings all the time. I have known really excellent nurses that have been fired for speaking up and complaining about something as important as unsafe conditions for patients. One nurse actually injected a medication into a ventriculostomy tube and killed a person, and she was promoted to charge nurse in the cardio-thoracic ICU. How sad!!! As far as the cvicu at St. Anthony's, it's horrible. I wouldn't take a dead dog there to have surgery. One surgeon has a 70% mortality rate for his patients. AND, his patients are not the sickest of the sick. One night 4 open hearts died. It is really sad that they are even allowed to still have and open-heart program. The one positive things I can say about St. A's is that I loved the nurses that I worked with. they all had a lot of heart and really cared about their patients. They also always worked well as a team. So NEW GRADS, go elsewhere. If you don't want the big hospital like Barnes, go to St. Mary's in Clayton. It is small enough to not feel overwhelmed but large enough to see and do a lot. Barnes really is a great institution. You will see things there that you won't see anywhere else. For those of you that didn't like them b/c they seem to have an arrogance about them, they should. They are very good at what they do. However, sometimes the patients seem to be looked at as a number, b/c they have so many. Good luck in choosing the right place to make a career.
  10. I have a couple of co-workers that applied there. One was accepted. All the applicants said the same thing. You have a hard test prior to the interview...mostly abg interpretation. Then, they laugh and giggle as they are grading it in front of you. They do ask clinical type questions and make you feel like an idiot whne you don't get it right. The one guy that got accepted was thinking of quiting after a few month. He said they treat their student like dirt. They are not supportive at all. I would looka t another school. If you really reaserch this site, you will find similar post. Good luck!!!
  11. jls189

    CRNA school after bankruptcy

    You cannot be denied federal student aid for credit reasons. If you have any more specific questions, go to FAFSA's web site and you can chat live or enail someone. they are very helpful. Good luck!!
  12. jls189

    Accepted to CRNA school w/ Online BSN?

    A friend of mine was accepted at Case Western, and her BSN was online. Cse is a top school. I would imagine that most schools would be more concerned with grades, GRE, experience, etc. I think the bachelor's is more of a technicality. We all know that the BSN doesn't make a better nurse than an ADN. Good luck!!
  13. jls189

    Butchered at work over wanting to be a CRNA?

    Sorry to hear. They're just jealous. Like the other post said "keep your eye on the prize". The ICU I work in is not that way. Thank God. Hope it gets better for you. Noone deserves to be treated poorly.
  14. jls189

    CRNA school after bankruptcy

    Yes, you can apply and be accepted into the Army after filing bankruptcy. They look at each situation idividually. they prefer that you are at least a year or two post-filing before entering. I know someone who was accepted after filing.
  15. jls189

    Need Advice. CRNA for me?? Low GPA

    Don't be so quick to repeat your science courses. Like another post suggested, talk to the school(s) you are interested in and see what they suggest. Some may tell you to retake; while others will suggest taking grad level science courses to see how you far with that. That is what was suggested to me. I have taken grad level science courses and aced them. I have not yet applied to any schools, but I am told that taking the grad level science courses and having an having a 4.0 will look very good on my app. Good luck
  16. jls189

    Army CRNA Program

    Thanks so much, Sicu07. Have a call out to a recruiter. I'm sure I will here from them soon.