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    I recently started on an ICU stepdown unit but am not yet ACLS certified. If i am not certified, that means i cannot push those meds, am I right? (E.g had a pt the other night with symptomatic bradycardia and hypotension, needed epi and was started on a Neo drip)

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    Without ACLS certification, I would think that you could not give them without an order (e.g., in a code situation, before an MD arrives to give a direct order). If the doc is there to give the order, then I think you could. Not positive, though.
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    It somewhat depends on what the protocols are in your department. If the protocol says "if this" then "give that" this is considered a standing order.
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    The only restriction for a non-ACLS nurse working in an ACLS required unit is that you may not transport a pt that requires a cardiac monitor. No road trips at all. That is a hospital restriction that is up to the policy makers. It has been standard policy at every hospital I have ever worked in.

    I have never seen a drug restriction based on ACLS certification. Get your cert ASAP.

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