1. I recently started on an ICU stepdown unit but am not yet ACLS certified. If i am not certified, that means i cannot push those meds, am I right? (E.g had a pt the other night with symptomatic bradycardia and hypotension, needed epi and was started on a Neo drip)
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  3. by   Always_Learning
    Without ACLS certification, I would think that you could not give them without an order (e.g., in a code situation, before an MD arrives to give a direct order). If the doc is there to give the order, then I think you could. Not positive, though.
  4. by   TakeTwoAspirin
    It somewhat depends on what the protocols are in your department. If the protocol says "if this" then "give that" this is considered a standing order.
  5. by   Hoozdo
    The only restriction for a non-ACLS nurse working in an ACLS required unit is that you may not transport a pt that requires a cardiac monitor. No road trips at all. That is a hospital restriction that is up to the policy makers. It has been standard policy at every hospital I have ever worked in.

    I have never seen a drug restriction based on ACLS certification. Get your cert ASAP.