When do you tell a potential employer you already have a trip planned?

  1. As in a non-refundable flight? This trip was planned before I even thought of applying anywhere. I have a web interview tomorrow. When do I mention that I have this trip planned? During the interview? If/after they offer me a job? The job would start in the beginning of Sept and my trip is for the end of Oct.
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  3. by   smn2010
    right now, all you have is an "web interview" (which is usually psycho/social testing to determine if you are a good "fit" for the facility/unit (usually takes 30minutes-1hour to complete). until you receive an actual job offer that you "accept" you really have no reason to even mention your trip.

    after your web interview, i'm quite sure a telephone and/or a in-person interview will be scheduled. during your in-person interview (which i hope you get to have ), you need to ask some important questions: how long is orientation? what will orientation consist of (computer based learning, amount/length of preceptor-orientee time, time learning new equipment, is additional time allotted to orientation/training, if needed, etc.) among other things. the answer to these questions will give you an idea as to whether or not you can expect a positive outcome regarding your trip. if your unit is currently short staffed and in dyer need of nurses on the floor, an extension to your training schedule (even 1 week) may not be easily accepted.

    note: if a decision is made (job offer) based only upon a web interview alone i would "question" the job, unit, facility etc. and would suggest you make a visit to the facility/unit to shadow a nurse for a few days (at your expense) before accepting the job.

    after being offered a job/hired, you will need to schedule some time (face-to-face meeting) with your unit manager/director and/or nurse educator (who may be handling your training schedule) to discuss your training schedule and your travel commitment. your management team does not need to know the trip is "non-refundable" or where/why you are going on the trip, they only need to know that you have a previous commitment with flight arrangements already made and you would like to be able to schedule your training "around" this week long trip (hopefully it is not longer than one week). as another side note, if you are offered the job, i would suggest that you never miss a day of work, other than this trip, during your orientation/training or make any other changes to your training schedule.

    ...be prepared, just in case, if you cannot make adjustments to your training schedule to accomodate your trip.... have a plan b in place (i.e. someone you can sell your ticket to...or place on ebay...)

    best of luck with the web interview and a job offer.

    enjoy your trip!!
  4. by   HeartsOpenWide
    Thats great advice! Thanks!
  5. by   BellasMommyOBRN
    [FONT=comic sans ms]I agree with waiting until a face to face interview.
    I also have a vacation planned and have a new job prospect. I mentioned my vacation when the interviewer started talking about a potential start date for me. She was VERY thankful for my honesty and my willing to be up front. She hinted that it annoys her when people wait until the last minute (When contracts are being signed).

    Good luck with your interview!
  6. by   merlee
    A non-refundable ticket can be changed with a fee. There should be a mention of the fee in the small print. It CANNOT be sold because your name is already on it.

    But I would wait until an offer to start is on the table.